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Pic of the Day – 6/20/21

Poster for the New Follies, 1931.

A hummingbird sharing a drink with bees. Photo by Toshiyasu Morita.

A Northern Harrier and a White-tailed Kite with locked talons over a dropped mouse in Northern California. November 2018, by Pamela Rose Hawken Photography.

A honeycomb thief (Eurasian Honey Buzzard) with bees in hot pursuit. They eat bees and wasps. Photo by Wanling Tang.

Pic of the Day – 6/16/21

Photo by Omar Z. Robles, 2016, NYC.

Himalayan blue poppies in the rain at Valley of Flowers National Park in Uttarakhand, India, by photographer Manoj Kinger.

Orcas breaching (taken from a sword fishing boat) off the coast of Nova Scotia.

A harpy eagle.

An ornate hawk-eagle (aka Spizaetus ornatus) by photographer Andre Baertschi.

A “hairstyle bird” by photographer Matt Onley.

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