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An agate that looks like forest of trees.

Flysch layers along the Basque Coast of Spain by photographer Fran Llano.

A flourite cube on a baryte base, photographed by Mario Miglioli.

How could a body of water as big as the Mediterranean just…disappear? It would take decades and more than 1,000 research studies to even start to figure out the cause — or causes — of one of the greatest vanishing acts in Earth’s history.

The 350 million-year-old rock formation Dun Briste (aka Broken Fort), off the coast of Downpatrick Head, near Ballycastle, Ireland, is crowned by an ol, a ruined fort. Photo by Ryszard Lomnicki.

Breaking news!

A gorgeous collection of natural rocks. They look like dinosaur eggs!

An etched spessartine garnet.

Fun fact: Diamonds pinpoint the start of colliding continents. This rough diamond from Botswana has a sulfide inclusion.

Pic of the Day – 11/9/19

“Slump folds” are exposed oligocene carbonate sediments. These are on the Ionian Island of Antipaxos, Greece, by photographer Maki Doukouros.

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