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On this 2nd episode of Planet Slo Mo, we take a thermal look at a geyser and learn what makes them blow. Gav & Dan are Brits, so they pronounce it “geezer.”

On this first episode of PLANET SLOW MO, Gav and Dan travel to the volcanic island of Iceland to capture thousands of liters of boiling water exploding in slow motion. They also thought it was a good idea to put the Phantom on a drone. Was it a good idea? Let’s find out.

An agate “landscape.”

An agate “desert scene.”

This is lightning ridge black opal.

The world’s largest free-form black opal weighs 6,000 carats.

An opal geode.

An Oregon conta luz opal.

The volcano Fuego in Guatemala, mid-eruption.

A slice of fossilized tree with opal growth in the rings.

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