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Don’t Put Wet Rocks in a Campfire

Ever heard of rocks exploding in a campfire? Can it really happen, and how dangerous is it? What happens if you spill molten metal on concrete? Today TheBackyardScientist shows us how and why concrete and rocks spall during a fire.

Millions of years in a sea stack. This is Dun Briste (The Broken Fort) off the coast of Ireland. Photo by Paulo Henrique Pigozzi.

Azurite crystals on matrix from the Touissit-Bou Beker mining district, Oriental Region, Morocco. Photo by IG@qileisi1987.

This crystallised zzurite is one of the most iconic minerals from Namibia’s Tsumeb mine. Photo by Crystal Classics.

February 2017 saw one of the most serious dam-related engineering incidents in history with the failure of the service spillway at Oroville Dam. Whether they realized it or not, the people living and working downstream of Oroville Dam put their trust in the engineers, operators, and regulators to keep them safe and sound against disaster. In this case, that trust was broken. Practical Engineering provides a summary of the event, including an explanation of the engineering details behind the failure.

Peridot in volcanic lava from Spain’s Canary Islands by @AllOfHerStones.

CLAUSTROPHOBIA TRIGGER WARNING – There is a small hole in Australia that has killed 16 people.

YouTuber Kawika Singson brings us “incredible footage of lava entering the ocean from a very unique, dangerous, and up close angle, watch the creation of new land right before your very eyes on the rugged volcanic coastline on the island of Hawaii.”

A collection of yummy crystal spheres from Om Crystals.

Natural hot springs in Oregon’s Unpqua National Park by Brayden Hall Media.

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