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A heart shaped rock in Athabasca Canyon, Alberta, Canada.

A quartz and amethyst sphere from Brazil.

A rainbow obsidian macuahuitl blade made of material from Davis Creek, California, photographed by Woody Blackwell.

An agate that looks like forest of trees.

Flysch layers along the Basque Coast of Spain by photographer Fran Llano.

A flourite cube on a baryte base, photographed by Mario Miglioli.

The 350 million-year-old rock formation Dun Briste (aka Broken Fort), off the coast of Downpatrick Head, near Ballycastle, Ireland, is crowned by an ol, a ruined fort. Photo by Ryszard Lomnicki.

Breaking news!

Rock stacking art.

A gorgeous collection of natural rocks. They look like dinosaur eggs!

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