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Artificial intelligence is increasingly becoming part of our lives, from self-driving cars to ChatGPT. John Oliver discusses how AI works, where it might be heading next, and, of course, why it hates the bus.

A new biodegradable seed carrier design inspired by the self-drilling behaviour of Erodium seeds is described in a paper in Nature. The seed carrier has a higher implantation success rate than that of Erodium seeds. This technology may improve the effectiveness of aerial seeding to address agricultural and environmental stresses in degraded regions.

Holographic Circus Experience

Circus Roncalli is a German circus founded in 1976. Bluebox successfully installed 11x ZU850 Optoma models and 11x BX-CTA03 lenses to create a truly amazing circus holographic experience.

I find these videos to be fascinating and mesmerizing and calming, like watching Bob Ross paint.

Among the artifacts housed at The Royal Society is a curious device purporting to be a perpetual motion machine. The creation of the late British scientist and author David Jones (aka Daedalus), the secret of how this machine gives the illusion of perpetual motion has yet to be revealed. Archivist Virginia Mills shares the backstory of this mystery and Adam takes a crack at uncovering how this implausible invention actually works!

Mark Rober to the rescue, again!

Some believe wars of the future will be fought over clean water, not oil, and the future of clean drinkable water is anything but certain. But we have a technology that can save us, desalination, and it’s been around for decades. But there might be a new and upcoming technology that can change the scale at which we desalinate water.

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