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Poor Spicy learned the hard way.

Alexa and the CIA

~says in overly loud voice~

“I, for one, EMBRACE our Google Overlords!”

Aboriginal Australian mechanics fix a wrecked Hyundai with some bush meat, axes, a doll’s head, and a baby stroller.

YouTuber Adam Jakowenko tricked his Amazon Echo and Google Home devices into an infinite loop of asking each other about calendar events.


The recently-launched Waterjet Channel has been cutting all kinds of stuff with their high-power device, like an SLR camera, a giant rubber band ball, and these giant jawbreakers:

In this clever ad by IKEA, we imagine what foodies might have done before technology came along.

Put Your Dongle Away

Tripp and Tyler get into some tech-talk double entendre.

Robot Badminton Challenge

A Chinese robot challenges human players in badminton:

Giant Robot Project

J Mantzel documents the five years he spent building a giant spider robot from scratch, while descending into mild madness and general hair loss.

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