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Destin of SmarterEveryDay built a simple clear carburetor to show us how the things work, in super slo-mo, natch!

Gav of The Slow Mo Guys puts the Phantom in the hands (claw?) of an extremely fast robot to film some classic diet soda reactions from some slightly more advanced angles at 1,000 FPS.

NASA rocket scientist Mark Rober re-visits his summer squirrel maze project, making it much harder than before!

The Enigma Machine

3D glasses are surprisingly fast! Gav shows us how on earth a Plasma 3D TV and glasses complete the rather complex task of showing 3D content on a 2D screen.

Peirogi of Scammer Payback says, “This might be my greatest Scambait ever! The Amazon refund scam backfires on these scammers when we track down their money mules and deliver Glitter bombs. Teaming up with Mark Rober to take down these scammers is an amazing experience!”

How to Survive a Grenade Blast

Better to be in the air, or in the water? Engineers Mark Rober and TheBackyardScientist aim to find out, because science.

Cicret Bracelet Debunked

Captain Disillusion examines the concept, design, execution, and fundraising of the Cicret Bracelet while trying to develop his own revolutionary invention.

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