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Simon’s Cat – “Little Box”

“If it fits I sits.” A Chrismassy cat puts this to the test!

Baby Bobcats Meet-Up

The good folks at Big Cat Rescue introduced Nabisco to Mrs. Claws. Watch and see if these two young bobcats will make purrfect companions.

With help from his adorable baby daughter, How to Dad creator Jordan Watson of Auckland, New Zealand, demonstrates how to go grocery shopping with a baby.

A sleeping fox in the forest.


Simon’s Cat – “Bed Sheets”

A mischievous Simon’s Cat joyfully plays with the bed sheets while his owner tries to make the bed.

Red foxes sleeping in a hollow log.


Cat vs Climbing Wall

Guess who wins?

A tortoiseshell cat named Lalah negotiated the plastic finger holds along an indoor climbing wall at the Boulbaka2 Bouldering Gym in near Naha, Okinawa, Japan as she systematically climbed her way to the very top. According to the gym proprietors, this was a big accomplishment that was a long time coming for the resident kitty.

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!


Pic of the Day – 2/13/17

How adorable is this calf with a heart on his forehead?


Pic of the Day – 2/12/17

A passed-out tiger cub.


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