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Pic of the Day – 10/18/21

A street fight in Oatman, Arizona.

Pic of the Day – 10/14/21

Momma cat gets backrubs from poppa.

Every time I see this picture by photographer Aravind Krishnashwarmy come up on our Chromecast Images…

I imagine these captions. So I finally just made my own meme:

Pic of the Day – 10/7/21

A dog’s best day ever!

A crow with eyeball.

A chameleon with a ladybug hat.

Bird whisperer and animal rescuer A Chick Called Albert says, “Some fragile blackbird’s eggs were almost destroyed when a tree was cut down. I managed to save the life inside and a beautiful blue egg hatched in my hand. But then babies needed te be protected from some giant new born baby chickens.”

Lucas is making so many new friends while working on his new series coming to Cartoon Network and NBO Max! Check out our Lucas the Spider Store at http://www.lucasthespider.com. There are plushies!

I LOVE him! He hates people, especially men, and other animals. Tyfanee Fortuna has been fostering Prancer after his owner entered a senior living facility, and she posted a very honest ad on Facebook that went viral. “Neurotic mess… demonic… 50% hate and 50% tremble.”

NASA rocket scientist Mark Rober re-visits his summer squirrel maze project, making it much harder than before!

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