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Making a Dog Bed Out of Soap

YouTuber JennaMarbles has posted about her Italian greyhound being unnaturally obsessed with bars of soap. So natch, the internet hive mind collectively demanded that she make him a dog bed out of his favorite soap, Irish Spring. General chaos ensues.


A mini bonsai in shell pot.

Who remembers Jim Henson’s 90’s hit TV show, “Dinosaurs“? The “Baby” was always my favorite character with his signature lines, “NOT DA MOMMA!” and “AGAIN!” and “I’m da baby, gotta love me!” During an especially long session break, the bored and frustrated actor who played Baby riffed and ad-libbed to his heart’s content, amusing the entire crew.

Pic of the Day – 8/2/18

Kitty playing with a lamb.

Pic of the Day – 7/30/18

“What? I was NOT fishing for koi again! I SWEAR!”

Pic of the Day – 7/28/18

Tortie face.

Pic of the Day – 7/26/18

Window kittens.

Lucas the Spider is a test character created by digital animator Joshua Slice for the purpose of working on his techniques. “I’m responsible for the design, modeling, rigging, animation, lighting, and rendering,” he says. Lucas’ form was inspired by jumping spiders and is voiced by Slice’s four-year-old nephew, also named Lucas. People are saying that Lucas is the cutest spider EVAR and is helping cure their arachnophobia. Folks are also asking Slice to expand Lucas into his own movie!

Nuthin to see here, just a coupla kittens in sling chair, so what?

Pic of the Day – 7/23/18

If only there were such things as mini dragons at Petco.

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