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Who remembers “Flashdance”?

SQUEE ALERT! Red panda cubs playing in the snow.

A Reinwardt’s tree frog greeting and riding a rhinoceros beetle. Photographed by Hendy Mp.

“Yee haw! Ride ’em, cowboy!”

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Doggy Pool Party

YouTuber JennaMarbles threw a backyard pool party for her three pups!

Adorable rockhopper penguins showering under a freshwater spring on Saunders Island, Falkland Islands, and photographed by Will and Matt Burrard-Lucas.

Pic of the Day – 7/16/17


Ladies and gentlemen, a ferret in a bathtub. That is all.

The Vegemite Kid

The many, many uses for Vegemite!

This little guy is a fennek fox.

Strange bedfellows.

Sometimes, the simplest idea makes a great video. Case in point: the fine folks at Southwest Texas Alternative Energy and Sustainable Living Field Laboratory dropped a GoPro into a bucket of water, to the delight of creatures great and small. “Everybody loves water in the desert. I was pleasantly surprised during the edit to see that George made an appearance. I know him from all the other rabbits because of the tiny notch in his ear. A burro just happened to come by in time to be included. Ben went against the script and decided to just nudge the bucket. You can lead a steer to water but you can’t make him drink. Note: The swimming bees were rescued.”

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