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On April 7th, 1994, Federal Express Flight 705, a McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 cargo jet, was carrying electronics equipment across the United States from Memphis, Tennessee to San Jose, California, when an attempted hijacking took place.


In this compilation you’ll see hard landings in extreme weather conditions, landing an airplane on water, a plane emergency hard landing in the forest when the engine stalled, landing a plane on the most dangerous airports in the world, and many more spectacular landings:

Destin of SmarterEveryDay caught a sparrow that had gotten in the house, but before he let it fly away, he managed to get the slo-mo camera going.

A kayaker floats over a Japanese Aichi E13A seaplane that was lost in the Rock Islands, Palau, by photographer Tony Cherbas.

YouTuber engineerguy wrote a book called Fatal Flight, which brings vividly to life the year of operation of R.101, the last great British airship—a luxury liner three and a half times the length of a 747 jet, with a spacious lounge, a dining room that seated fifty, glass-walled promenade decks, and a smoking room. The British expected R.101 to spearhead a fleet of imperial airships that would dominate the skies as British naval ships, a century earlier, had ruled the seas. The dream ended when, on its demonstration flight to India, R.101 crashed in France, tragically killing nearly all aboard.

The Blue Angels performing over San Francisco’s famous Lombard Street in 2016 by photographer Mike Oria.

Airstage built a gigantic helium-based remote-controlled aircraft resembling the Airbus A320 that sports a 16-foot-wide wingspan and weighs less than a pound. YouTuber RC RC RC!!! shared footage of the plane flying around over onlookers inside an exhibition hall at incredibly slow speed at Modell Süd Stuttgart 2016, an exhibition for model making and model railways in Stuttgart, Germany.

Sure, aerial acrobatics, inverted flight, YAWN. But this time it’s with a GoPro camera mounted on a 360-degree gimbal.

Holding the world record for most inverted flat spins, Spencer Suderman takes to the sunny Southern California skies for another one of his routine flights. The only thing routine about it: the takeoff and landing. In between those two events, you can find Spencer in an inverted flat spin, doing barrel rolls or massive loops. Buckle up, vomiting is prohibited!

Drone propeller supplier Propsman has shared a drone’s-eye view of an FPV drone race through, around, and over a crowded warehouse. The competing drones make sharp turns around flags, duck quickly through gates, and generally avoid objects in the warehouse as they fight for first place.

Volcano tourism at the Baroarbunga volcano, Vatnajokull glacier, Iceland by photographer Baldur Sveinsson.

volcano tourism-baroarbunga volcano-vatnajokull glacier-iceland_Baldur Sveinsson

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