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Lightning hitting water.

A mature supercell thunderstorm in west Texas, illuminated at varying heights by the setting sun. Taken by photographer Laura Rowe on 5/27/21.

A monsoon storm near near Bisbee, AZ, on 7/28/21.

A helicopter was escaping a dust storm ahead of a monsoon downpour in Phoenix, Arizona, on 7/28/21, and captured this amazing shot.

These are very rare red fairies and sprites. They are very rare weather phenomena associated with thunderstorms.

A supercell looms over Leoti, Kansas, by photographer Mark Okorosecnet.

An aurora vortex, a rare astronomical phenomenon.

Lightning over the Grand Canyon’s Yaki Point.

Lightning over Lake Ontario, taken from Lyndonville, New York, by photographer James Ianni.

Lightning over the Grand Canyon by photographer Rolf Maeder.

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