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A thunderstorm over Panama seen from 37,000 feet, by photographer Santiago Borja.

A mature supercell thunderstorm, illuminated at varying heights by the setting sun in West Texas, by storm chaser Laura Rowe.

“Disturbance in the Force” One shot, handheld, no HDR, no composites – by photographer Adam Kyle Jackson.

“Fire Rainbow” (aka iridescent clouds) are created by an optical effect called a circumhorizontal arc.

Lightning hitting water.

A mature supercell thunderstorm in west Texas, illuminated at varying heights by the setting sun. Taken by photographer Laura Rowe on 5/27/21.

A monsoon storm near near Bisbee, AZ, on 7/28/21.

A helicopter was escaping a dust storm ahead of a monsoon downpour in Phoenix, Arizona, on 7/28/21, and captured this amazing shot.

These are very rare red fairies and sprites. They are very rare weather phenomena associated with thunderstorms.

A supercell looms over Leoti, Kansas, by photographer Mark Okorosecnet.

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