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Purple lightning near Canadian, Texas, by photographer Camille Seaman.

Hoarfrost settled on Pestera village in Romania, by photographer Eduard Gutescu.

Fog settled over the West Tatras and High Tatras mountains of Slovakia, near the Polish border, photographed by Peter Kovacik.

Fog flowing over Mill Valley, Marin County, California, by photographer Christopher Markisz.

A shelf cloud multi-cell system east of Buck Lake, Alberta, Canada, by photographer Ronnie Rabena.

The St. Joseph lighthouse on Michigan Lake after an ice storm, by Michigan Nut Photography.

A storm raining on Drakensberg, South Africa, by photographer Alex Nail.

A thunderstorm over Keyes, Oklahoma, by photographer Vanessa Neufeld.

A thunderstorm over Wisconsin by photographer Phil Koch.

A supercell looms over the great plains, photographed by Will Eades.

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