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Do the Big Cats Eat Bones?

The good folks at Big Cat Rescue get this FAQ a lot, especially after they posted this video of a  lion eating a whole raw Thanksgiving turkey.

The good folks at Big Cat Rescue give Joseph the lion a crunchy Thanksgiving treat!

Pic of the Day – 12/15/17

Ginger cat eye makeup art by Tal Peleg.

“Hambush” – Simon ‘s Cat

Once again, Simon’s Cat outsmarts his human when it comes to stealing food.

Lion + White Tiger = True Love

The good folks at Big Cat Rescue paired up Cameron the lion and Zabu the white tiger. They were raised together since they were young, and do not let their differences come between true love.

The good folks at Big Cat Rescue show us (it’s the cougar):

Yin-Yang love kitties.

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