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Meanest Bobcat Kitten in the World

This little ball o’ spit and vinegar, so mean his rehab caretakers dubbed him “Mr. Murderbritches,” is being released back into the wild. ~whew~


Love me, love Simon’s Cat? – “Will Simon be Fur-ever alone?”

Designer Housecats with Wild Blood

Bengals, Savannahs, and Toygers, explained.

This wild cat is telepathically sending a message: “hand over treats and nobody gets cut.”

A cougar in Yellowstone captured by a camera trap set by the National Park Service.

This is Ziggy the lion in the Serengeti, captured by photographer Sonalini Khetrapal.

Pic of the Day – 11/23/18

Two panther cubs snuggling.

A lynx (or Pallas cat?) lurking in the underbrush.

The ear tufts on this lynx!

I don’t know if this lynx’s eyes were Photoshopped, but still so beautiful regardless. And that muzzlepouche! And that chin!

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