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One of the first female rockstars to come out of the San Francisco counterculture that was the 1960s, Jefferson Airplane singer Grace Slick is also known for that powerhouse voice – responsible for classics like ‘Somebody To Love,’ and ‘White Rabbit.’ At a time when studio production was limited and live concerts were almost always dominated by an incredibly loud band in direct competition with an even louder audience, it made it difficult to fully appreciate voices like Slick’s; but it’s in this isolated vocal track from ‘White Rabbit’ that we’re able to finally concentrate on the star of the song – Grace!

In a 1969 episode of Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour, Campbell ended the concert section of his show with the guitar adaptation of Boots Randolph‘s song “Yakety Sax,” aka the Benny Hill Show theme song. Campbell impressively shredded the song at lightning speed without missing a single beat.

Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Winston Churchill (played by Dan Bull) and 26th President of the United States Theodore Roosevelt (played by EpicLLOYD) face off in a heated episode of Epic Rap Battles of History.

Bohemian Rhapsody Acted Out

The filmmakers at Corridor Digital brilliantly put a literal spin to the poignant lyrics of the iconic Queen song “Bohemian Rhapsody,” which were acted out in an appropriate live-action scene.

Invisible Typewriter

YouTuber MFICPrometheus shared this video of a man, who was traveling with a bunch of his drinking buddies, brilliantly reenacting the great Jerry Lewis’ hilarious “invisible typewriter” scene from the 1963 comedy film Who’s Minding the Store?

Here’s the original scene for comparison:

Princess Rap Battle: Rapunzel vs Anna

Not Safe For Work! (Language)

OK Go – The One Moment

Keeping with their tradition of intricately timed conceptual videos, OK Go‘s latest, “The One Moment,” took all of 4.2 seconds of filming. Four seconds which were then slowed waaaaay down to fit over four minutes of music. Amazing effort.

Jimmy Fallon, Metallica, and The Roots teamed up on The Tonight Show to play the song “Enter Sandman” using classroom instruments such as a baby electric axe, a kazoo, a Fisher-Price drum, and more.

Here is the original “Enter Sandman” music video for comparison:

Brothers and Hasidic Jews Arye & Gil Breslev perform the Pink Floyd classic “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” at Zion Square, Jerusalem.

Travel photographer Joel Carillet found these two brothers, Arye & Gil Breslev, playing Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” in the wee hours of Sunday morning on Jaffa Street in Jerusalem.

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