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“Azure” by Puddles Pity Party

Says Puddles Pity Party, “Here’s a nice lullaby tune for ya. Billy Pitman came by the studio and we got on a moon kick this summer. “Azure” is a 1937 song composed by Duke Ellington with lyrics by Irving Mills. Making art with friends is the greatest thing.”

“Strangers” by Puddles Pity Party

Puddles Pity Party says, “This song was written by Dave Davies. Our pal, Jake La Botz, stopped by the garage. We talked about life and living and his Buddhist meditation practice. Then we decided to play this song. It’s been on my mind lately, although I’ve never played it before. Jake plays a mean guitar, and I love playing that outta tune Ban-Tar or whatever it’s called. Let’s hear it for Andrew and that Fog Storm 1200! I adore making art with these guys.”


Says Puddles Pity Party, “A dear friend asked me to consider this Peter Gabriel song. I gave it a listen and was just floored. It’s as relevant today as it was the day it was written. Compassion and empathy for all my brothers and sisters is always relevant. Our friend Rebekah Del Rio sings so beautifully and and with so much passion. I get schooled every time I hear her sing. She inspires me and I love her very much.”

Says Puddles Pity Party, “Desperados Under The Eaves was written by Warren Zevon. He passed away September 7, 2003. He was a complicated man. A musical and literary giant among giants with an unrivaled collection of gray Calvin Klein t-shirts. Gone too soon (the man, not the t-shirts). My friend, Stuart Ross, worked with Warren for many years and mentioned his love for “gourmet” coffee. You know how I feel about coffee.”

Julie Andrews originated the role of Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady on Broadway, but wasn’t cast in the film adaptation. Audrey Hepburn, who ended up playing Eliza, caused a scandal when it was revealed that she didn’t sing her own songs. In this video, I walk you through this whole situation and explain how it resulted in Julie’s Oscar.

The Voice.

Destin of SmarterEveryDay gets kooky with an oscilloscope.

Puddles Pity Party says, “This song was written by our friend Jake La Botz. We went to see him perform one night and this song made me cry. The next day we decided to record it. Please check out his music.”

“Blue Moon” by Puddles Pity Party

Puddles Pity Party covers the Elvis hit.

Bob Fosse Documentary “Steam Heat”

Part of PBS’ 1990 “Dance in America” series.

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