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Puddles Pity Party covers David Bowie’s “Life on Mars.”

Puddles Pity Party covers Nick Cave’s “Ship Song.”

“Palms” by Puddles Pity Party

Puddles Pity Party sings “Palms” with the help of some circus friends.

“This video was shot in The Garden of Unearthly Delights, during the Adelaide Fringe, on a wicked hot day in Adelaide, South Australia. It was 41℃. That’s over 100℉! You could have fried an egg on my noggin. I love Sxip Shirey and he makes beautiful art.”

Contralto and Countertenor Duet

“Where the Wild Roses Grow” performed by Juliana Strangelove & Arthur Vasiliev. Juliana is a contralto (very low voice), and Arthur is a countertenor (very high voice). Wait till they sing separately.

Live on stage!

Live on stage!

“Crying” by Puddles Pity Party

Like with “Hallelujah,” I used to think that k.d. lang’s cover of Roy Orbison’s “Crying” was the most beautiful. Puddles Pity Party may have changed my mind. But they’re both amazing.

Big Mike Geier (he’s 6’9″), aka Puddles, also headlines a very successful Elvis Royale show.

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