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Jimmy Fallon tests Salma Hayek’s knack for transforming sad songs into salsa by having her turn Eric Carmen’s “All by Myself” into an upbeat groove.

Piano-Playing, Singing Beagle

Buddy the rescue dog LOVES to play piano and sing along!

This Instructables.com post show how you can make a serviceable set of bagpipes out of a plastic bag and some cheap recorders.

Music Festival Boot Camp

CollegeHumor has just the drill sergeant to get you prepped for that big music festival.

Says YouTuber Puddles Pity Party, “I didn’t write either one of these songs. I didn’t think to mash them up either. I first saw this mashup performed by Gregory Dean Smalley in the early 90’s. I miss him a lot.”

OK Go’s latest epic music video:

Professional pianist and Steinway Artist Daniel Beliavsky and his student Charlotte Bennett agreed to perform while hooked up to an eye-tracking device that superimposes the wearer’s eye movements. The sight-reading exercise yields interesting results. They do some comparative statistical analysis at the end, and as expected, Daniel does not look at the keys as much as his student Charlotte, and he keeps his eyes in a narrower area of the piano keys when he does look.

Urban Troubadours

National Geographic Assignment Explorer finalist Erin Winters investigates the life of street musicians in New York City.

One of the first female rockstars to come out of the San Francisco counterculture that was the 1960s, Jefferson Airplane singer Grace Slick is also known for that powerhouse voice – responsible for classics like ‘Somebody To Love,’ and ‘White Rabbit.’ At a time when studio production was limited and live concerts were almost always dominated by an incredibly loud band in direct competition with an even louder audience, it made it difficult to fully appreciate voices like Slick’s; but it’s in this isolated vocal track from ‘White Rabbit’ that we’re able to finally concentrate on the star of the song – Grace!

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