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Fun AND appropriate! (Sorry, I do strive to make this blog a politics-free zone, but you’ll have to make an exception for me just for today.)

Pic of the Day – 1/9/21

The Mafra Library in the Mafra National Palace, Portugal, by Taylor Moore Photography.

The late and greatly missed Stan Lee was known for his creativity, his kindness, and his incredible moral compass. He was also known for speaking his mind. Lee’s former sound engineer Aaron Fromm captured the very essence of Lee in a recording that showcases the Marvel legend going off on a hilariously profane rant that had everyone in the studio laughing. Fromm collaborated with artist Kosperry to animate this oddly heartwarming glimpse into the man’s great mind, calling it “Sessions with Stan.”

Musical and comedic genius Bill Bailey shows us why Death Metal works in the German accent but NOT in the Welsh or West Country accent.

Holiday Vocal Warmups – with Coffee

Puddles Pity Party says, “Now I’m no expert, but here’s my annual holiday warmup. I like to us this 10 minute vocal warmup as meditation sometimes, as well. I find it very comforting. Soothing. How do you warm up for the holidays?”

I hope everyone has a safe and secure Christmas.

Danza Bajo el Agua

Mesmerizing. My free-diving friend thinks this was filmed in the Nemo 33 pool in Brussels.

A landscape bonsai by Bonsai Nguyen Van Sau.

The local news would be so much better with John Oliver and Cookie Monster.

This was filmed at the Wayfarers’ Chapel, overlooking the cliffs of Rancho Palos Verdes, just a couple of miles from where I grew up. It’s a very popular spot for weddings – they’re booked out years in advance.

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