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Sunset over Kyaikto, Myanmar, by photographer Aung Chan Thar.

A waterspout in Barcelona, by photographer Carlos Castillejo Balsera.

Asperatus clouds over New Zealand.

Mamatus clouds and an electric storm in Nebraska by John Finney Photography.

A moon halo in mid winter Iceland by photographer HP Helgason.

Stormy seas in Portugal, by photographer Jason Weingart.

Rare sprites beyond a storm cloud over Roswell, New Mexico on 6/4/22 by photographer Alexis Maillard.

A thunderstorm over Panama seen from 37,000 feet, by photographer Santiago Borja.

A mature supercell thunderstorm, illuminated at varying heights by the setting sun in West Texas, by storm chaser Laura Rowe.

“Disturbance in the Force” One shot, handheld, no HDR, no composites – by photographer Adam Kyle Jackson.

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