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Pic of the Day – 6/30/22

These two are besties.

Walter The Cat

Chevy Silverado commercial featuring Walter the Cat, who acts just like a dog.

And there’s a second one: Walter, the cat who acts like a dog, and his owner head out in a Chevy Silverado Trail Boss for some epic snow day adventures.

A white tiger with her cub.

A siberian tiger, by photographer Caudia Kraheberger.

Pic of the Day – 5/15/22

“Lucian Opriceanu” by Ana Popescu.

Pic of the Day – 4/18/22

A kitten with Buddha.

“Bohemian Catsody”

Cats are royalty. We are their willing servants. Bohemian Catsody – enjoy a parody song of the Queen classic, Bohemian Rhapsody, this time, all about CATS!

Now THAT’S love.

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