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Luckily, the zoo personnel decided to leave the pair alone. I mean, just look at these two.

A “lightning struck” cat!

Pic of the Day – 2/3/23

“Black Cat Holiday” by Charles Robinson (1905).

On the catwalk…

A snow leopard leaps through the air with its paws outstretched, photographed by Ron Conigilaro.

Pic of the Day – 11/15/22

Kitten in the artwork by Montages Photos.

Teddy’s Tale comes to a sweet end! A loveable stray finds a home and Simon’s Cat gains a new friend in the final part of Teddy’s Special – Homeward Bound!

Happy Halloween!

Pic of the Day – 10/19/22

A painterly kitten.

Simon’s Cat tries his best to introduce stray cat Teddy to new households in the second part of Teddy’s Tale Special – Tricks of the Trade!

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