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Funny Cat Compilation

Cuz the internet is still ruled by cats.


Cat Herders

This clever ad by EDS imagines the old adage.

Can you see the hidden lion?

Simon’s cat tries so hard to woo the pretty neighbor cat and she just ends up eating his gifts.


Dogs Meet Cat

YouTuber JennaMarbles really, really wants a cat, but already has a full quota of animals. So she did the next best thing: borrowing one! Keep your eyes peeled for the hilarious captions.


Mini the Squirmy Worm

Mini is the chillest cat I’ve ever met. He is so comfortable showing us his belly for rubs.

Pic of the Day – 2/4/18

An adorable orange cat playing with butterflies, captured by photographer Natalia Moldovanova.

Being a cat owner naturally helps.

Is it a Jaguar or a Leopard?

The good folks at Big Cat Rescue explain the differences.

“Pug Life” – Simon’s Cat

Poor kitty, first he’s got to deal with the collar of shame, then a PUG!

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