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In the slowest Slow Mo Guys video yet, Gav whips out the newest Phantom to show the mesmerizing paths a crack takes through glass at a whopping 800,000 frames per second.

The boys at How Ridiculous are back at the drop tower!

When Crocs Thrived in the Seas

While dinosaurs were dominating the land, the metriorhynchids were thriving in the seas. But taking that plunge wasn’t easy because it takes a very special set of traits to fully dedicate yourself to life at sea.

3D glasses are surprisingly fast! Gav shows us how on earth a Plasma 3D TV and glasses complete the rather complex task of showing 3D content on a 2D screen.

On April 23, 1870, engineers set off “the largest submarine explosion on record. The great submarine explosion was a stunning engineering feat, but also symbolic of a city that had grown in just a few decades from a remote backwater to become “The Paris of the West.”

Destin of SmarterEveryDay has gotten the weedeaters out again and aims to find out which shape is best.

Practical Engineering says, “Exploring the engineering principles behind the recent obstruction of the Suez Canal, which caused a weeklong disruption in global shipping traffic. I give a brief overview of the bank effect and dilatancy of coarse-grained soils. Hopefully, the video helps you understand a few of the engineering challenges associated with navigating massive ships through tiny canals and what can happen when they run aground!”

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