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Destin of SmarterEveryDay went to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center to talk with the people who designed the Parker Solar Probe:


Extracting Ghost Town Silver

YouTuber How To Make Everything went to the silver mining ghost town of Silver Reef, Utah, to collect a sample of silver ore and meet up with Cody of Cody’s Lab to learn how to extract it. With some silver extracted he’ll be able to continue his ongoing quest to make a photograph from scratch.

I’ve been doing the Keto diet since May, and it does work. “Doctors, scientists and chefs around the globe combat illness with dietary changes, believing fat should be embraced as a source of fuel.”

Can You Melt Obsidian and Cast a Sword?

YouTuber How To Make Everything aims to find out.

It’s a building site from another century. In Guédelon, in the French region of Burgundy, history enthusiasts have set themselves a unique challenge. For twenty years, they’ve been constructing a castle, using 13th century building techniques: no modern machinery or equipment. The site draws 300,000 visitors each year.

The Slow Mo Guys rented the use of an explosives yard and made some brilliant use of it. And filmed the destruction in super slo-mo, natch.

Destin of SmarterEveryDay shows us how something we’ve probably never thought about works.

Two Vortex Rings Colliding

Destin of SmarterEveryDay spent four years chasing this problem and recreating it, then capturing it in slow motion, natch.

Good Mythical Morning ask the important questions, like, does Mountain Dew taste better or worse after it’s run through a water filter?
Why? Because science!

Pre-Industrial Surgeries

Sam O’Nella Academy reminds us how awesome painkillers are!
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