Category: Nature/Scenery/Wilderness

“Lost Valley” by photographer YANK.


Lofoten islands near Kirkefjorden, Norway, by photographer Orsolya Haarberg.

The “Lovers” tree.

Loen Lake, near Stryn, in Western Norway.

Bonsai tree by artist Luis Vallejo of Estudio De Bonsái Mba.

A lynx (or Pallas cat?) lurking in the underbrush.

A lion’s mane jellyfish in Bonne Bay, Gulf of St. Lawrence, by photographer David Doubilet.

The ear tufts on this lynx!

An invasive lionfish in the Red Sea, photographed by Christian Schlamann.

I don’t know if this lynx’s eyes were Photoshopped, but still so beautiful regardless. And that muzzlepouche! And that chin!

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