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A school of mobula rays off the coast of Baja, Mexico, by photographer Eduardo Lopez Negrete.


A momma lion with her cub.

A Mongolian child with her dog.

Another shot of Kirkjufell, aka Church Mountain, in Iceland.

The moon with a halo, plus an aurora, in Estonia, by photographer Juri Voit.

Kirkjufell (aka Church Mountain) on the Snaefellsnes peninsula, Iceland, by photographer Francesco Russo.

It’s snowing… on a comet! Actually, this INCREDIBLE animation is a series images from the Rosetta spacecraft, taken from a distance of about 13 km from the comet 67/P Chuyurmov-Gerasimenko, and put into an animation by Twitter user @landru79. As the spacecraft moves around the comet we see the landscape change, but you can also see stars moving in the background, and flakes of ice and dust much closer to the spacecraft flying around! It’s like something from an old movie, *but it’s real*. The first two clips are at fast speed, the next two at medium, and the last two at slow speed, so you can track what’s going on.

Moon and castle by photographer Ilhan Eroglu.

A kinzu orange bonsai tree exhibited at Shunga Ten 2011.

A moonrise in Turkey by photographer Sert Mehmet.

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