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Bluebirds roosting together in a pile using their collective body heat in the cold. They arrange themselves so they don’t smother and alternate positions within the pile. Photo credit Wildlife Rehabilitators of North Carolina.

A driftwood heart by photographer IG@themostaveragehuman.

The original Chick Called Albert has passed away, so our hero managed to hatch a supermarket quail egg and raise it… again.

Polar statospheric rainbow clouds in Iceland by photographer Jónína Guðrún Óskarsdóttir.

A rare green flash photographed from Ocean Beach, California.

A new biodegradable seed carrier design inspired by the self-drilling behaviour of Erodium seeds is described in a paper in Nature. The seed carrier has a higher implantation success rate than that of Erodium seeds. This technology may improve the effectiveness of aerial seeding to address agricultural and environmental stresses in degraded regions.

The life cycle of blackberry.

Lightning striking a rainbow!

“The Great Stalacpipe Organ” is the largest musical instrument in the world, built into Virginia’s Luray Caverns.

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