Category: Nature/Scenery/Wilderness

“Fairy Twinkle” in a bluebell wood in Scotland by photographer Miranda Huckle.

Fairy Lake on Vancouver Island, Canada, by photographer Gavin Hardcastle Fototripper.

Some fishermen noticed a flock of seagulls circling and started filming. Below the surface, a pod of humpback whales are herding a ball of sardines (or some small feeder fish) into a tight group. Then they attack the ball from below, swallowing dozens of fish in one gulp.

A ruby-crowned Kinglet (aka Regulus calendula) in California, by photographer Cathy Summa-Wolfe.

A faerie house in Garvan Woodland Gardens, photographed by Lana Gramlich Photography.

A rufous-crested coquette in Peru, photographed by Pat Cole.

Fairy Glen Gorge and the river Conwy by photographer Craig McCormick.

The ruins of Castle Gwrych, North Wales, by Forgotten Heritage.

“Fairy cups” aka Yellow sunburst lichen aka Xanthoria polycarpa.

Mongolian hunter Saliukhan with his golden eagle, by photographer Biljana Jurukovski.

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