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The La Payunia volcanic fields in Mendoza, Argentina, by photographer Albert Claveria.


Mt. Ararat erupting over Armenia.

Mt. Bromo in the foreground with Mt. Semeru in the background, Java, Indonesia, by photographer Achmad Sumawijaya.

Another shot of the ice cave inside Mutnovsky Volcano, Russia.

An ice cave inside Mutnovsky Volcano in Kamchatka, Russia, by photographer Sergey Krasnoshchokov.

The volcano Fuego in Guatemala, mid-eruption.

The Puyehue volcano near Osorno, Chile, by photographer Claudio Santana.

Self portrait of photographer Andrew Hara standing over a lava lake by Halemaumau crater inside Kilauea volcano, Hawaii.

Sincholagua, an inactive volcano in Ecuador, by photographer Julian Morgans.


Volcano Bread

Visit the Laugarvatn Fontana Spa in the village of Laugarvatn, Iceland, where guests can try the famous “Rye Bread Experience,” courtesy of the amazing geothermic sands that can bake bread in bubbling underground “ovens.”

Says traveler and video producer Alison Grasso, “in my research of ‘cool Iceland foods’ (very possibly my actual Google search) I came upon the Rye Bread Experience offered at Laugarvatn Fontana Spa, just about an hour outside of Reykjavik. So my cousin and I went, and we filmed, and we ate dense, sweet, molasses-y bread that Viktor took straight out of the bubbling sand, topped with an alarmingly thick cut of Icelandic butter that looked like cheese, but wasn’t. We learned about the geothermal activity surrounding Laugarvatn, which translates to ‘hot spring lake,’ and how locals from nearby share the six geothermal ‘ovens’ for personal cooking, like slow-cooked lamb.”

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