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Volcán de Fuego aka Fire Volcano in Antigua, Guatemala, has been continually active for hundreds of years. Photo by Angel Borrayo.

This is Volcán de Fuego (aka the Volcano of Fire), Guatemala, by photographer Daiva Baleviciute. It is among most active in world.

The La Payunia volcanic fields in Mendoza, Argentina, by photographer Albert Claveria.

Mt. Ararat erupting over Armenia.

Mt. Bromo in the foreground with Mt. Semeru in the background, Java, Indonesia, by photographer Achmad Sumawijaya.

Another shot of the ice cave inside Mutnovsky Volcano, Russia.

An ice cave inside Mutnovsky Volcano in Kamchatka, Russia, by photographer Sergey Krasnoshchokov.

The volcano Fuego in Guatemala, mid-eruption.

The Puyehue volcano near Osorno, Chile, by photographer Claudio Santana.

Self portrait of photographer Andrew Hara standing over a lava lake by Halemaumau crater inside Kilauea volcano, Hawaii.

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