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Where Did Dogs Really Come From?

From Charles Darwin’s seminal work, “On the Origin of Good Bois.”



YouTuber Randy Rainbow says, “Because when your Lord and Savior Barbra Joan Streisand sends you a care package with an advance copy of her new album, it’s something to sing about.”

A tree stump chair in Kendall, England.

A cascade-style bonsai.

Puddles Pity Party covers the Echo and the Bunnymen hit.

Peridot in volcanic lava from Spain’s Canary Islands by @AllOfHerStones.

There are myths and legends of mythical creatures through out the folklore of civilizations around the world. Myths like dragons, cyclops, and the kraken. But where did these myths come from? And could they have actually existed in some way?

Caroll Spinney working Oscar the Grouch while wearing Big Bird’s feet.

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