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A very generous cockatoo named Spike digs into a box of dog biscuits, pulls them one-by-one and tosses them to the awaiting Great Danes who appear to be very appreciative of the bird’s largesse.

Leopard cub belly! SQUEE!

leopard cub

Robin Williams vs. Pink Scarf

Guess who wins?

On a 2001 episode of Inside the Actor’s Studio, host James Lipton asked his guest Robin Williams about his remarkable ability to deploy his quick wit and mental dexterity at such “awesome speed.” Preferring to act out his response, the late comedian left the audience gasping with laughter with a brilliant impromptu routine that partially involved a pink scarf that belonged to an audience member.

A lioness carrying her cub.

lioness w-cub

The fascinating National Geographic online feature “Deadly Beauty” provides an up-close examination of the highly venomous marine invertebrate, the Portuguese man-of-war, through the photography and video of Florida-based photographer Aaron Ansarov. Ansarov has been documenting Portuguese man-of-wars that wash up on Florida beaches for the past two years.

A leopard cub with his mom. Look at that coat pattern!

leopard cub w-mom

“Lake of Dreams” is a short film by filmmaker Roy Two Thousand, and produced by Morning Light Media, that depicts the artistic and natural beauty of the 2013 Burning Man festival through a series of stunning time-lapse sequences.

<p><a href=”″>Lake of Dreams</a> from <a href=””>roy two thousand</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

A pride of lions on a kopje (small hill) in the Serengeti by photographer Michael Nichols.

Lions MM7947

Violinist Eleanor Bartsch recently discovered that Kelly and Viola, two elephants at the Circus World Museum in Baraboo, Wisconsin, really like dancing to “Concerto for Two Violins” by Johann Sebastian Bach. Bartsch decided to practice the piece for the animals before performing it with the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra, and it appears Kelly and Viola greatly appreciated the performance.

“Rub my belly — I dare you!”

leopard cub belly


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