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Tripp and Tyler demonstrate things that you can get away with as a cat, but not as a human in their new comedy sketch.

A kitten romping in fall foliage.

kitten in fall foliage

Like a Girl

“Because I am a girl, and that’s not something I should be ashamed of.”

Pistol fireworks for the Gion Matsuri Festival at the Yoshida Shrine in Toyohashi City, Japan, by photographer Hidenobu Suzuki.

pistol fireworks-gion matsuri festival-yoshida shrine-toyohashi city-japan_Hidenobu Suzuki

Momma tiger picking up her kit.

momma cat

Car Crash Prank

Good Samaritans are asked to help out signalling to drivers around a car that crashed in a terrible accident. Soon, a police officer shows up to ask what the hell they are doing… and to the victims’ surprise, the upside down car and the portable toilet have completely disappeared!

Playing kissy face with a white lion cub.

kissy face white lion cub

Tripp and Tyler demonstrate things that you can say and do as a toddler that you absolutely can’t get away with as an adult in their new comedy sketch. An adult man just doesn’t seem to receive the same joyous reaction that a potty-trained toddler would get after announcing that he is a “big boy for pooping in the potty.”

At the Mongolia Eagle Festival, by photographer Ahmed Zulkamal.

mongolia-eagle festival1-Ahmed Zulkamal


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