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Car vs Giant Axe

More gravity-centric fun and shenanigans from the boys at How Ridiculous!

An Incan leading a llama in Peru. Those stones are so tightly fitted, it’s said you can’t even insert a knife blade between them.

Northern lights over Lapland, Finland, by photographer Satu Javonen.

Best. Puddles Pity Party Mashup. EVER.

Illuminated paper umbrellas under bamboo trees at the Kodaiji Temple in Kyoto, Japan, by photographer Aurora Simionescu.

Street Flamenco Dancing in Granada

Northern lights over Lapland, Sweden, by photographer Johannes Kormann.

EAS Master Beekeeper Kevin Inglin takes us through the inspection, queen removal, and then the decision to euthanize the colony.

The Ida Cason Callaway Memorial Chapel in Calloway Gardens, Pine Mountain, Geogria, featuring a stained glass window by Tiffany. Photo by Matt Forbes.

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