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Who came up with that?

These two are besties.

Gav puts Dan in a Dan-sized bubble to film the crazy popping pattern of a bubble at over 2,000 times slower than you can see with your eyeballs.

Northern lights illuminate a polar bear.

The Physics of Curling

Destin of Smarter Every Day gets into the physics of curling.

A Bargibant’s pygmy seahorse, well camouflaged in some coral.

It’s actually been around in various forms for a long time.

A double terminated Aquamarine with unusual etching from the Shigar Valley, Northern Pakistan, by photographer Jeff Scovil.

Old Fashioned Ghost Grifting

Caitlyn of Ask a Mortician tries making an old-fashioned “ghost grift” photograph with the help of a professional studio.

Hotel Danieli, Venice, Italy.

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