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Another Japanese apricot bonsai at the Omiya Bonsai Art Museum, Saitama, Japan.


Catapult Launch in Slo-Mo

Gav and Dan, The Slow Mo Guys, go medieval on some modern-day items with the help of a massive catapult.

Mt. Ai-Petry at night, Crimea, Ukraine.

Double Vision Makeup

YouTuber JennaMarbles tries out another crazy form of makeup:

A Japanese apricot bonsai tree by artists at Edoardo Rossi Bonsai.

Paint Blast Portrait in 4K

Gav and Dan, The Slow Mo Guys, collaborate on a majestic art piece – without a single paintbrush, captured in 4K footage, natch.

Mt. Ararat erupting over Armenia.

Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has died at the age of 76, but his contributions to humanity will live on forever — including what is arguably his life’s most important work … his appearances on The Simpsons.

A kayaker floats over a Japanese Aichi E13A seaplane that was lost in the Rock Islands, Palau, by photographer Tony Cherbas.

Dan Has an Accident

You may have noticed that Dan of The Slow Mo Guys sporting a cast on his left arm. Apparently he made good on a promise he made to Tony Hawk by taking on a halfpipe—with painful results.

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