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Excited Pointers Singing

YouTuber T3‘s four pointers get this excited every time they go for their favorite walk.


A pine mame bonsai by artist Katsumi Komiya.

“Helena” by Puddles Pity Party

After Puddles Pity Party‘s departure from a certain television show (America’s Got Talent), he got to cry it out with 1,000 of LA’s finest pity partiers at Echoplex’s EMO Nite LA.

More feathery frost, this time on a car’s roof.

A pink anemonefish hides among the anemone in Kimbe Bay, Papua New Guinea by photographer David Doubilet.

I would totally stay in the mountain shack, but I’d want to be alone. (Also? That preview image has nothing to do with the video.)

Frost on a car window makes feathery patterns.

Structural engineering is our FRIEND.

Pink Floyd The Wall eye makeup art by Tal Peleg.

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