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Plastic Ball Prank

Roman Atwood pranks his incredibly patient wife by turning his entire house into a giant ball pit.


A waterfall on Kyushu Island near the Aso volcanic caldera in the Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan by photographer Hideki Mizuta.

Water Curtain

Leopards Licking Bloodsicles In Slow Motion

The folks at Big Cat Rescue keep their charges cool in the Florida summer heat with frozen bloodsicles.

Bald eagle slurping water.

bald eagle drinking

This short video explores the craft of Mr. Beekhuiszen in Eemnes, Netherlands, who handcrafts traditional Dutch wooden clogs the old-fashioned way, highlighting the seeming ease with which the highly skilled craftsman performs the dying art.

A waterlily at the Jindai Botanical Gardens in Tokyo by photographer Kunito Imai.

Waterlily-Jindai Botanical Gardens-Tokyo_Kunito Imai

Why Tipping Should Banned

In this episode of Adam Ruins Everything, comedian Adam Conover of CollegeHumor takes on tipping.

Another shot of the baby anteater born at the Staten Island Zoo.


Japanese carpentry group Kobayashi Kenkou carefully demonstrates the fascinating way in which highly durable buildings are constructed with traditional methods of joining the wood with intricate cuts and interlocking plugs instead of metal nails. The fine planing and perfect fit of each interlocking piece of wood is a testament to the craftsmanship of the carpenters.

Weeping cherry blossoms near the Imperial Palace in Kyoto, Japan, by photographer Yukio Miki.

weeping cherry blossoms-imperial palace-kyoto-japan_Yukio Miki


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