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Slicing a Giant Rubber Band Ball

After their Rubber Band Wrecking Ball episode, the only thing left for The Slow Mo Guys is to cut them open!


A mountain lion by photographer Yves Bergeron.

Destin of SmarterEveryDay gets to play with the very latest in virtual reality.

Heading on vacation for a week in San Francisco!

Golden Gate Bridgein winter by photographer Ravi Kulkarni.

The Slow Mo Guys film one another getting pummeled by giant paint balloons in this colorful, sinus-clogging, explosive pendulum test.

The Ijen Crater, limned with sulfur, East Java, Indonesia, by photographer Hendra Gunawan.

From National Geographic, “At the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica, scientists used a hot-water drill hose to create a hole through the thick ice until they reached the perpetually dark water. What they found surprised them.”

The Murchison river in Kalbarri National Park, West Australia.

The Slow Mo Guys take breaking stuff to new heights as they drop a simulated living room from eight stories up, and then drop a piano on top of that. All in 4K footage.

An iguana with his butterfly friend by photographer Hakan Pekbelgin.

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