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Gymnasts Try Olympic Skateboarding

British Olympic medalist Nile Wilson and his buds try something new!

A crow smelling a flower.

Do Real EMP Weapons Actually Exist?

French woman with a baguette and six bottles of wine, Paris, France, 1945.

World Record Domino Set-Up Robot

NASA rocket scientist Mark Rober built a robot that precisely sets up dominoes far faster than humans can. This huge mural would have taken a team of workers a week to set up. This robot will do the same in 24 hours.

A hummingbird chilling near the Point Vicente Interpretive Center in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, by photographer Keith Willis.

Gymnast Tries Taekwondo

British Olympic medalist Nile Wilson takes one for the team.

Outside Hatcher’s Pass, Alaska, by photographer JReg Nurs.

A rare piebald moose in Falher, Alberta, Canada, by photographer Maurice Chenard.

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