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“Lake of Dreams” is a short film by filmmaker Roy Two Thousand, and produced by Morning Light Media, that depicts the artistic and natural beauty of the 2013 Burning Man festival through a series of stunning time-lapse sequences.

<p><a href=”″>Lake of Dreams</a> from <a href=””>roy two thousand</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

A pride of lions on a kopje (small hill) in the Serengeti by photographer Michael Nichols.

Lions MM7947

Violinist Eleanor Bartsch recently discovered that Kelly and Viola, two elephants at the Circus World Museum in Baraboo, Wisconsin, really like dancing to “Concerto for Two Violins” by Johann Sebastian Bach. Bartsch decided to practice the piece for the animals before performing it with the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra, and it appears Kelly and Viola greatly appreciated the performance.

“Rub my belly — I dare you!”

leopard cub belly

YouTube user Zjarany Zbyszek has uploaded an intense video from Turkey of a large ship beaching at a wrecking yard, where all of the boats are destined to become scrap. I have to feel a little sorry for her.


A pride of lions on the Serengeti by photographer Michael Nichols.

Lions MM7947

Racecar Glowing in Infrared

FLIR Systems, a manufacturer of thermal imaging cameras, created this infrared video of the Infiniti Red Bull Racing F1 race car, the RB8, at GAMMA Racing Day 2014 in the Netherlands. The plumes of hot exhaust, and the hot tires and brakes are all clearly visible in the video.

A leaping wet tiger.

leaping wet tiger

After watching numerous tutorials, I harvested a bit of moss from a rock on our property and transferred it to the bonsai. Let’s hope it takes. ~fingers crossed~ It will dry and brown out in between waterings, but should green up when wet. In this heat, I’ve had to water the tree every couple of days, but hopefully this will provide a nice mulch layer.

bonsai moss

I also moved the standing rock because it was interfering with and nearly touching the downward-sloping branch. The balance was all wrong. Since there’s another rock on the right side, and I didn’t want to have two rocks within the same third of the pot, I placed it at the back, facing 90 degrees from where it was.

There’s also a tiny shoot coming out from the base. It was there from the beginning, but now it seems to have a flower bulb about to bloom. We’ll see.

bonsai w-moss


Bodega Cats In Their Own Words is a wonderful web series from WNYC that tells the stories of different cats who reside in various corner stores (bodegas) around New York City and all its boroughs. Each cat’s story is told in the first person, incorporating in what life had been before the store. “There’s no cat quite like the New York City bodega cat—killer of rats, fixture of the detergent aisle, silent observer of the human condition. If only these cats could talk. Well, now they can.”

Oliver talks about the luxuries of bodega life, and how one Upper West Side lady saved him from the streets of Yonkers:

Little Carmel, a kitten in Ridgewood, Queens, tells the story of her brief life so far:

And finally, there’s Victoria and Sheeba of Park Slope, Brooklyn:


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