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Destin of SmarterEveryDay and his little helper have some fun destroying produce. In slow motion, of course.

Chihuahua buddies will steal your heart.


Birdie Birthday Parrot Party

Marnie enjoys an epic 5th birthday parrot party throw by his peeps, chesawoo. Get ready to DIE from the cute.

A stormy sky over Spring Creek in Queensland, Australia, by photographer Terence West.


The good folks at Big Cat Rescue show us how well Hoover, a former circus tiger from Peru, is settling into retirement in Florida.

A cherry tree bonsai at the Omiya Bonsai Art Museum.


A great opera voice is a learned art, not a natural-born gift like other styles of singing. It takes discipline, physical training, and to truly wow the audience, the performer must be a great actor and athlete as well. “Singing opera is to ordinary vocal activity what distance running, triple-jumping, and pole-vaulting are to ordinary exercise,” said Sir Antonio Pappano, music director of the Royal Opera House. “Which means that singers and, almost as important, those who teach them, are locked in the same kinds of relationship that obtain between elite athletes and charismatic coaches.”

So what goes on inside of the head and throat of an opera singer while they perform? German baritone Michael Volle performed “Song to the Evening Star” by German composer Richard Wagner while inside of an MRI scan to give people a never-before-seen look at how an opera singer produces such a haunting sound. It’s a pretty freaky-looking image, but shows the amazing control these performers must have to hit such powerful notes.

A submerged park: Green Lake in Tragoss, Austria, becomes 6 to 30 feet deep when the spring snowmelt flows. Photograph by Marc Henauer.


Simon’s Cat, a city-dwelling kitty, took a trip out to the English countryside where he had fun romping around in the lush open fields. It wasn’t until he tried to find himself a snack that the eternally hungry feline learned how mean and scary those fields could be.

Cherry blossoms in Tokyo, Japan.


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