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I recently spent five days visiting my good friend Tim and his husband Alex in San Francisco. Had an absolute blast. Now I need another week to recover.

Day 1 – Saturday, April 25

Arrived around mid-day feeling gross and drugged from Dramamine and still motion-sick. Took the BART train to the Civic Center downtown, then took a cab from there to Tim’s neighborhood, the famous Haight-Ashbury area. They live in a 100-year-old Edwardian. Here’s the view from inside the entryway of their home:


My gracious hosts, Tim and Alex.

My gracious hosts,  Alex and Tim.

I'd forgotten my sunglasses, so I bought these cheapies for $2 at the tackle shop on the way to the airport.

I’d forgotten my sunglasses, so I bought these cheapies for $2 at the tackle shop on the way to the airport.

They put me up in their living room with a nice air mattress. Their dog Moby is a Kelpie mix.


In the evening we went to Japantown for dinner. Here’s the Japanese Peace Pagoda:

japanese peace pagoda

me @ peace pagoda

We ate at Tanpopo, their favorite ramen place. The bowls were ginormous. I could only eat about half of mine.

After dinner, we wandered through Japan Center, an indoor mall whose shops are devoted to all things Nippon. I got some postcards at a stationary shop, Tim pulled me into an incense shop, and I spotted a bonsai shop, which was thankfully closed or I may have had something shipped home. I had to take pictures of this insane place:

amiko store

amiko store1

amiko store2

There was also a high-end kimono shop:

kimono shop

kimono shop1

kimono shop2

Random storefronts with interesting displays:

japantown toys

These Kewpie dolls will come to strangle you in your sleep.

These Kewpie dolls will come to strangle you in your sleep.

Back at home, we watched a brilliant animated movie by acclaimed artist Hayao Miyazaki on their big projection screen. Inspired storytelling, otherworldly creatures, and gorgeous watercolor-like visuals. Here’s a couple of stills from the movie, “Spirited Away“:

Slept like the dead that night.

Next: First full day — Crabcakes Benedict — Exploring Haight St. — Exploring Golden Gate Park — Sushi @ Domo

The 1922 silent movie Nosferatu condensed down to 4 minutes, and with added sound!

I am in hiding from old age. Call me when it’s dinnertime.

hidden tiger

First spotted in 1991, Migaloo (the Aboriginal word for “white fella”) has been seen more than 50 times, including a few times around the Great Barrier Reef this summer. There are only three known white humpbacks in the world.

Even though Migaloo is all white, scientists are skeptical that he is albino because he doesn’t have red or pink eyes—like other humpbacks, he has brown eyes. Instead, he’s considered “hypo-pigmented,” describing a generic loss of skin color.

He’s also been captured on video:

This owl is flying low enough to feel ground effect.

owl ground effect

“Cólera” is a short horror film directed by filmmaker Aritz Moreno and featuring renowned Spanish actor Luis Tosar. The short was filmed in a single shot with a Red Scarlet camera. The film’s name fittingly translates to both “anger” and “pathogen,” centering around a furious mob of townspeople bent on killing a resident with a zombie-like disease.

<p><a href=”″>C&oacute;lera</a&gt; from <a href=””>Sr.&amp;Sra.</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

A hidden fawn peeps out.

hidden fawn




Baby Goat Gets Fly Up Its Nose

In this adorable video by Tim Miller of FiveThirteen Creative, a baby goat in Nepal is rudely interrupted from a quiet nap by a wayward fly that sought refuge in its nasal passages, causing a sneeze attack that nearly knocks the hircine youngster off of its hooves.

Love the intense focus of this owl in flight.

owl in flight

A stray calico cat snuck into Russia’s Leningrad Zoo in search of food, and ended up finding a new home and a new best friend.

The homeless cat somehow got into the zoo’s European lynx enclosure and quickly bonded with the larger cat. The two were reportedly inseparable from day one, so the zoo decided to adopt the stray and let her stay in the exhibit.


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