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First Warm Day of the Year

As the weather gets warmer, two reporters (SNL’s Heidi Gardner, Bowen Yang) interview random people in Central Park.

Moss covered interior walls of the imposing ruins of Hermitage Castle, Scottish Borders.

A gorgeous raven.

Tico Singing to “Zombie”

Christopher Lloyd (Banquo) and Christopher Walken (Macbeth) in the stage production of Macbeth at the Lincoln Centre, New York, 1974.

Gav and Dan fire adrenaline juice into some ballistic gel and film it at 4,000 fps.

Sadly, it is not possible to take such a photograph anymore, as the skyscrapers outside block the sun’s rays. Grand Central Station, New York City, 1929.

Lightning rods in Sao Paulo captured at one-25,000th of a second before strike at 40,000 FPS.

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