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Around six months ago, it occurred to me that our little mountain community would be a perfect place for a Little Free Library. In case you’ve been under a rock, these micro-libraries are twee little “houses” full of books. Anyone can take a book if they leave a book. They’ve been popping up everywhere.

I wrote to the president of our Property Owners’ Association suggesting our community would be perfect. Lo and behold, the board approved it, and now finally, it’s been built and installed! Yours truly will act as caretaker and unofficial “librarian.”



LOVE this adorable frog door handle.


Guess incorrectly, and said wrestling move is performed on you.

“Um, can I phone a friend?”

“We can phone the hospital…”

Ganda the clouded leopard cuddles with her trainer at the San Diego Zoo.

ganda the clouded lepoard-cuddles w trainer @ sd zoo

Happy Dogs (and One Cat)

Robert Dollwet of Malibu Dog Training took 12 of his well-trained clients along with his trained cat named Didga to an Australian beach one day. He then set the video he took to the Pharrell Williams song “Happy.” I defy you to watch this without smiling.


Porcupine is plotting how to take over the world.

plotting porcupine

This is the last of the fruit bat pics.

fruit bats

The good folks at Big Cat Rescue show what’s involved in feeding around 100 big cats every day.

A polar bear cub with his mom in their den.

polar bear cub w-mom in den

Possum Hammock

A clever and adorable possum, seeking refuge from the elements, hid inside a campsite’s canvas shower head, surprising a would-be bather.


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