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Hourglass Filled With Mercury

Don’t try this at home, kids.

A sunset in Queensland, Australia, by Open Fire Photography.


10 Movie Bloopers That Made The Final Cut

Screen Rant‘s Top 10 Film Goofs & Outtakes That Actually Made It To The Big Screen:

Cat & dog eye art by Tal Peleg.


Once again, Chris Cohen provides the critter-human translation:

A sunset in rural Australia.


Team of Six Tiny Robots Pull a Two-Ton Car

A team of six µTug Microrobots weighing a collective 100g work together like ants to pull a 3,900-lb car on polished concrete in a video by the Biomimetics and Dexterous Manipulation Lab at Stanford University. The robots work slowly, but by using an adhesive pad inspired by geckos and a simple winch system they can move objects up to 2,000 times its their own weight.

A cat trying to catch a butterfly by photographer Kemal Selimovic.


More Big Cats in Boxes

Another video of the big guys at Big Cat Rescue playing with cardboard boxes just like housecats.

The setting sun with a tree and a small temple by photographer Vaibhav Mupadi.


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