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Check out the most mysterious abandoned ships! From haunted ghost ships to mysterious boats lost at sea, this list of mysterious ship wrecks is still unexplained to this day!


“Little Prince” eye makeup art by Tal Peleg.

Thrift Store Roulette

YouTuber JennaMarbles and her boyfriend Julien have some fun buying randomly-chosen items from their local thrift store and making outfits out of them.

Bonsai tree by artist Luis Vallejo of Estudio De Bonsái Mba.

We regularly crash passenger cars to test their overall safety and design vulnerabilities with the help of high-speed cameras, high technology, and sophisticated crash-test dummies. But we’d NEVER before done that with a full-size passenger aircraft. Until an international team of elite test pilots set out to do just that.

The trick was crashing the plane lightly enough that it didn’t erupt into a fireball (which would have destroyed all their data), but heavily enough to make it break violently apart. The other trick was getting the pilots out of the plane before it crashed. Bonus tidbit: For a few moments, the plane officially became the world’s largest remote-controlled aircraft.

This fascinating documentary details four years of extensive planning and outfitting of the aircraft with hundreds of sensors and state-of-the-art crash dummies, and explains the rationale for the experiment. FYI- The remains of the plane can be seen on Google maps at 32.501293,-115.396698.

“Little Mermaid” eye makeup art by Tal Peleg.

My favorite magicians, Penn & Teller, have a new TV show where magicians do their best to fool the masters of illusion. Penn talks in “code” to the magicians afterwards, letting them know whether or not the duo has figured out how the magician did his trick without giving away the secret.

A lynx (or Pallas cat?) lurking in the underbrush.

The pair performed at a surprise show on the Sunset Strip, West Hollywood, to benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

A lion’s mane jellyfish in Bonne Bay, Gulf of St. Lawrence, by photographer David Doubilet.

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