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From The Blues Brothers (1980).

The old Helensburgh railway station in Australia by Midnight Photography.

A few months ago, Caitlin of Ask A Mortician mentioned a secret porpoise grave unearthed on a tiny island. And her viewers demanded to know MORE!

Horsetail falls in Yosemite National Park, perfectly lit by alpenglow, making it look like liquid fire, by photographer Atkeson.

Giant Axe vs Giant Stump

The lads at How Ridiculous have had a new toy engineered for their amusement!

Old Man Winter makes an appearance at the El Tovar Hotel on the south rim of the Grand Canyon.

Gav of The Slow Mo Guys goes for a swim and shows off the interesting method in which the Apple Watch ejects water.

A horse stands guard over church ruins on the Aran Islands, Ireland, by photographer Danielle Lussier.

Making a Dog Birthday Cake

YouTuber JennaMarbles makes a doggy cake for their birthdays!

A group of orange Garibaldi off the California coast, by photographer Adam Martin. Whenever I went diving off Catalina island, I’d bring along a baggie of dog kibble to feed the Garibaldis. They love the stuff.

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