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A double rainbow over Yaki Point at the Grand Canyon by photographer Mike Buchheit.

A thunderstorm over the Namibian desert by photographer Hougaard Malan.

A rare noctilucent rainbow at Arches National Park, Utah.

A rainbow over Zion National Park, Utah, by photographer RJ Hooper.

A trifecta of lightning, a rainbow, and a huge saguaro cactus, captured by photographer Greg McCown.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

A rainbow path.

A rare reverse rainbow, a circumhorizontal arc with a 22-degree halo, photographed in the Khumbu Valley, Nuptse summit, Himalayas, by Neha Gadhari.

A double rainbow over Vancouver, B.C., Canada, by photographer Myriam Casper.

A double rainbow with horses.

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