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Fog and clouds in the Grand Canyon, by photographer Suzanne Mathia.


An owl peeks from his tree in Northumberland, UK, by photographer Karthik Vilwanathan.

A painting of the Grand Canyon by artist Joshua Been.

Caroline Island, part of the Southern Line Islands in the Pacific ocean by photographer Bian Skerry.

A Grand Canyon panorama.

The Pailon del Diablo Baños (Devil’s Cauldron) in Ecuador, by Michael French Foto.

A painting of the Grand Canyon by artist Aaron Schuerr.

Do the Big Cats Eat Bones?

The good folks at Big Cat Rescue get this FAQ a lot, especially after they posted this video of a  lion eating a whole raw Thanksgiving turkey.

A Palestine Sunbird by the Sea of Galilee, Israel, by photographer Piotr Pabisiak.

A Grand Canyon lightning strike by photographer Rolf Maeder.

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