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A rainbow captured by photographer Christian Majcen.

A female Masked Trogon (aka Trogon personatus) in Ecuador by Dušan Brinkhuizen of Rockjumper-Worldwide Birding Adventures.

Ravens by Jan Blanca Photography.

A female bison crusted with hoarfrost by photographer Tom Murphy.

Ringtail lemurs at a bowl of fruit.

A fairy wren (aka splendid blue wren) by photographer Travis Bester.

Shipwreck taken over by nature.

Solar wind pouring over Norway by Spaceweather.com.

A European turtle dove (aka Streptopelia turtur) by photographer Bass23.

Siberia, Russia, 30th of June 1908. We are in a woodland area surrounding the Tunguska river, not far from modern day Krasnoyarsk. Simply known as Tunguska. One of the most desolate areas of the most desolate region of the Russian Empire.

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