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CLAUSTROPHOBIA TRIGGER WARNING – There is a small hole in Australia that has killed 16 people.

”Warming After Bath,” taken in Alaska, by photographer Edward Marcinek.

Lightning hitting water.

This is “Hoba,” the world’s largest intact meteorite, in Namibia.

Bird whisperer and animal rescuer A Chick Called Albert saves a pair of fragile eggs.

Every time I see this picture by photographer Aravind Krishnashwarmy come up on our Chromecast Images…

I imagine these captions. So I finally just made my own meme:

This is a tiny and rare galaxy frog (Melanobatrachus indicus). It belongs to the Microhylid family and is found in India’s Western Ghats. Photographed by Shafi Wild.

A spiral cloud at sunset.

YouTuber Kawika Singson brings us “incredible footage of lava entering the ocean from a very unique, dangerous, and up close angle, watch the creation of new land right before your very eyes on the rugged volcanic coastline on the island of Hawaii.”

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