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Northern lights over Lapland, Finland, by photographer Satu Javonen.

Illuminated paper umbrellas under bamboo trees at the Kodaiji Temple in Kyoto, Japan, by photographer Aurora Simionescu.

Northern lights over Lapland, Sweden, by photographer Johannes Kormann.

EAS Master Beekeeper Kevin Inglin takes us through the inspection, queen removal, and then the decision to euthanize the colony.

The Ida Cason Callaway Memorial Chapel in Calloway Gardens, Pine Mountain, Geogria, featuring a stained glass window by Tiffany. Photo by Matt Forbes.

Northern lights over Murmansk, Russia.

An icy landscape near Lyngen, Norway, by photographer Isabelle Bacher.

Northern lights over Straumur, Iceland, by Gardarolafs Photography.

An ice cave off eastern Siberia’s Lake Baikal by photographer Zhu Xiao.

Northern lights at sunset over Norway’s Lofoten Islands, by photographer Dag Dahlberg.

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