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A pair of friendly Steller sea lions off Vancouver Island, British Colombia, Canada, by photographer Steve Woods.

Chatwell Gardens, photographed by Miss Gen.

A stereo-microscopic image of a Purslane (Portulaca) seed, with its intricate pattern of jigsaw puzzle pieces on its surface, photographed by Yanping Wang of the Beijing Planetarium.

A Chaneomeles ‘Chojubai’ bonsai with a bronze cormorant on a worn sloop, by artist Henk Fresen.


A stone church set against the Milky Way in New Zealand, by Matt Weller Photography.

A chameleon captured by photographer Sabriamin M.

A stone cottage in New Zealand by photographer AtomicZen.

Chamarel Falls on Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean, by photographer Victoria Komarevych.

Storm clouds frame a sunset, by photographer Dru Jaxin.

The Cerro Paine Grande peak in Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park, by photographer P. Orbital.

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