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A supercell looms over Leoti, Kansas, by photographer Mark Okorosecnet.

An aurora vortex, a rare astronomical phenomenon.

A translucent green ocean jasper cabochon with floating orbs by Ocean Jasper Collectors.

An Arizona sunrise by photographer Jon Huynh.

The Anza Borrego Desert in 2019 by Priyanka Haldar Photography. Also a stone’s throw from where I live.


SQUEE ALERT! Two pollen-dusted bees napping in a flower. Taken by Joe Neely at Nina’s Bees.

Under the glow of the morning moon at Laguna Meadow, Mt. Laguna Recreation Area (a stone’s throw from where I live), by Frank Colosi Photography.

An American kestrel (aka Falco sparverius) by photographer Earl Reinink.

An Allen’s hummingbird (aka Selasphorus sasin) in California, by photographer Elisa Taylor-Godwin.

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