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The sunset from my house on 9/12/22.

An ancient misty beechwood tree in Spain.

The Milky Way over Lake Michigan at Cave Point County Park by photographer Neal Grosskopf.

“Departing Storm over Bembridge Lifeboat Station” by photographer Jamie Russell.

YouTuber NASS colorized, restored, and created a sound design for this video of ride through Central Park here, shot from the back, at first from the direct back, then the left side, and then the right. There are some recognizable sculptures and of course, the lake. Fun to people watch, especially the people on the bikes.

“Frosty Winter Sunrise Over the Gwda River” in Pila, Poland, by photographer Krzysztof Tollas.

Thunder in Chongqing, by photographer Luo Xing.

Sunset over Kyaikto, Myanmar, by photographer Aung Chan Thar.

A waterspout in Barcelona, by photographer Carlos Castillejo Balsera.

“Etruscan Vase Over the Estuary” in Tankerton, Kent, UK, by photographer Brendan Conway. This is an example of Fata Morgana.

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