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Springtime in Japan, by photographer Evaa Yap.

Forest scene in Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge by photographer Deb Harder.

Cielos Manchegos, Spain, by photographer Cesar Vega.

Stanton Mountain looms over Lake McDonald at Glacier National Park, Montana, by photographer Ryan Dyar.

Chinese fishermen on the Ou river in Lishui, China, by photographer Vladimir Proshin.

Star trails circle over Dead Vlei (aka dead march) in Namibia, by photographer Michael Kovler.

Star trails circle the ruins of the 14th-16th century Hindu city Vijayanagar at Hampi (a UNESCO World Heritage site), near Karnataka, India, by photographer Alexander Grabchilev.

Chiba, Japan, by photographer Yuzooooo.

Starfish on Indian Beach, Oregon, by photographer Vadim Balakin.

A bird examining the cherry blossoms in Japan, by photographer Hayashida Masayoshi.

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