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An aurora vortex, a rare astronomical phenomenon.

An Arizona sunrise by photographer Jon Huynh.

The Anza Borrego Desert in 2019 by Priyanka Haldar Photography. Also a stone’s throw from where I live.

I came *this* close to moving there in 1999. Someday maybe I’ll go back.



Under the glow of the morning moon at Laguna Meadow, Mt. Laguna Recreation Area (a stone’s throw from where I live), by Frank Colosi Photography.

Happy Valentine’s Day! I you don’t have a sweetheart, then make it a GALentine’s Day instead!

An 800-year-old pack horse bridge in Lancashire, England.

A wildflower superbloom in Walker Canyon, Lake Elsinore, by photographer James Martin.

Lightning over the Grand Canyon’s Yaki Point.

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