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Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne, Australia, by photographer Luke Aveil.

Red-crowned cranes near Tsurui, Hokkaido, Japan, by photographer Mitsuhiko Kamada.

A fishing village on Hamnoy, Lofoten Islands, Norway, by photographer Luca Venturi.

A red forest in Lombardy, Italy, by Corrado Orio Photography.

A fishing hut on the Lofoten Islands, Norway, by photographer David Sausse.

Fireflies in Tennessee by photographer David Liittschwager.

Fireflies in the Sele valley of southern Italy, photographed by Massimo Gugliucciello.

Fireflies near Tanzania’s Lake Natron photographed by Steed Yu.

A rare reverse rainbow, a circumhorizontal arc with a 22-degree halo, photographed in the Khumbu Valley, Nuptse summit, Himalayas, by Neha Gadhari.

A ring of light in the forest.

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