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Adam Ruins Lab Mice

CollegeHumor‘s “Adam Ruins Everything” series tackles lab mice.

Thermite Paint!

TheBackyardScientist concocted a batch of thermite “paint” because SCIENCE!

The Peak Terskol Observatory on Mt. Elbrus in Russia’s Caucasus mountains, by photographer Boris Dmitriev.

Deciphering Barcodes

Half as Interesting breaks it all down:

Destin of Smarter Every Day has created a side channel called The Sound Traveler. Be sure to listen to this in stereo, even better with headphones.

It’s a good thing the iron in our blood is in solution, or we’d have a real problem handling magnets!

Structural engineering is our FRIEND.

Dominoes Physics

Destin of SmarterEveryDay went to see a record-breaking domino fall, but ends up breaking down the physics of exactly how dominoes fall with the help of slow-motion cameras.

Destin of SmarterEveryDay paid a visit to Soteria Suppressors, makers of a see-through gun suppressor, and filmed it at work at 110,000 frames per second.

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