Category: Science

The lads at How Ridiculous have another go at some bulletproof glass.

Will it break? Let’s see:

The boys at How Ridiculous aim to find out!

Airplane vs Trampoline

The boys at How Ridiculous have one last go at the world’s strongest trampoline before retiring it for good, culminating in dropping an ACTUAL FREAKIN AIRPLANE on it!

Destin of SmarterEveryDay meets with a computer scientist friend, who explains the algorithm that determines the behavior of flocking birds.

How high can an airbag launch heavy objects? The boys at How Ridiculous find out, in spectacular fashion.

YouTuber LockPickingLawyer explains.

Gav and Dan (aka The Slow Mo Guys) make a video that is likely to absolutely annihilate modern video compression. In order to give you a fighting chance, this video is uploaded in 8K (4320p50) to increase the available bitrate. Don’t watch if you are prone to seizures from flashing!

Taste the rainbow, part 2!

The boys at How Ridiculous traveled to Dubai for this challenge!


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