Category: Science

Gav and Dan fire adrenaline juice into some ballistic gel and film it at 4,000 fps.

Lightning rods in Sao Paulo captured at one-25,000th of a second before strike at 40,000 FPS.

The unintended consequences of trying to change the course of rivers.

Don’t try this one at home! Gav and Dan pop over to Kentucky where Scott from @KentuckyBallistics has prepared some explosive demonstrations of what can happen if you use the wrong ammunition.

We all know it smells like victory in the morning, but what is napalm?

World’s Strongest Magnet

The world’s strongest magnet is a million times stronger than Earth’s magnetic field.

These folks are engineering a much better way to deliver basically anything.

Discover the controversial history of the Monty Hall Problem, a probability puzzle that sparked a toxic debate among academics, including “the world’s smartest person.”

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