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A hummingbird in her nest.


A hummingbird (?) on a flower by photographer Johnson Chua.

A hummingbird in the rain.

Funny Cat Compilation

Cuz the internet is still ruled by cats.

Cat Herders

This clever ad by EDS imagines the old adage.

Northern saw-whet owl chicks by photographer Marcel Holyoak.

costasiella kuroshimae nudibranch from Hawaii. It has the ability to incorporate chloroplasts from the algae it feeds on into its body and use them to do photosynthesis. It’s also just about the cutest thing under the sea.

A harp seal rests on thinning ice near the Madeleine Islands, Gulf of St. Lawrence, by photographers David Doubilet and Jennifer Hayes.

Bird whisperer A Chick Called Albert got a call about a fallen nest, and found two teeny eggs. One was alive, and damned if he didn’t figure out how to save it.

Happy tortoise!

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