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YouTuber JennaMarbles has a chi named Mr. Marbles who will obediently sit for her on command all day long, but only as long as he’s on carpet. She wanted to find out if she had the patience and fortitude to persuade him to do it on hard floor.


YouTuber and rising star Liza Koshy LOVES her some Dollar Store action.


A homeowner puzzled as to who was mysteriously tidying up his garden shed late at night was astonished to find the culprit was a wee mouse. The retired electrician noticed plastic clips appearing in an old ice cream tub filled with peanuts which he keeps to feed the birds before more objects began to accumulate. Questioning his sanity, Stephen emptied the tub each night, scattering the nuts and bolts across his shed, only to discover the mess had been cleaned by the morning. After weeks of finding large screws, plastic leads, nuts, and bolts neatly filed away, the pair decided to set up a trail camera to uncover the mystery guest.

“This parrot loves to lie on my hands and tumble. So cute!”

Tambako the jaguar, stretching.

How adorable is this bonsai treehouse?

“Tarzan Frog” by photographer Yılmaz Uslu.

A bluebird straddling a pair of purple flowers.

A pair of black-swans find themselves surrounded by koi fish. “You came to the wrong neighborhood, pal!”

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