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Tracking the movement of the sun from solstice to solstice.

A total solar eclipse at Spitsbergen, Norway, by photographer Isabelle Bacher.

Comet C2013 US10 (aka Catalina) in conjunction with Venus, taken on 12/9/2015 in Tenerife by astrophotographer Fritz Helmut Hemmerich.

How Did NASA Steer the Saturn V?

Destin of SmarterEveryDay travels with Linus Sebastian to Rocket City in Huntsville, Alabama, to find out.

Cielos Manchegos, Spain, by photographer Cesar Vega.

Pic of the Day – 9/4/19

Standing stones, unknown location.

Star trails circle over Dead Vlei (aka dead march) in Namibia, by photographer Michael Kovler.

AW. “Goodnight Moon” as read by LeVar Burton to Neil deGrasse Tyson at #ArtemisonAudible event for Andy Weir’s new book at #NYCC2017.

Star trails circle the ruins of the 14th-16th century Hindu city Vijayanagar at Hampi (a UNESCO World Heritage site), near Karnataka, India, by photographer Alexander Grabchilev.

YouTuber Destin of SmarterEveryDay and his lovely wife traveled to Argentina to witness a total solar eclipse.

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