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A solar eclipse by photographer Cole Younger.

A seaside skyscape by photographer Jeff Berkes.

A shipwreck against a starry sky by photographer Andreas Athan.

A starry night sky in the desert, by photographer Meshari Aldulaimi.


To endings. This year particularly.

A rarely-photographed green flash, taken at Ocean Beach, in San Diego, California, by Jim Grant.


A rare spiral aurora in Finland.


This video by Life Noggin explains what humans might expect when the Earth’s magnetic poles eventually reverse. It also covers the science behind what generates the Earth’s magnetic field.

The Milky Way over Crater Lake in Oregon photographed by Keith Marsh.


Circular star trails backdrop a pair of active volcanoes (Mt. Semeru in the distance, and Mt. Bromo steaming on the left) in Indonesia by photographer Hui Chieh.


“Starburst” by photographer Lincoln Harrison.


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