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On the morning of December 1st, 2020, one of the most iconic astronomical instruments in the world collapsed. The Arecibo Telescope was not only one of the largest radio telescopes in the world, it was also a fascinating problem in structural engineering. Its loss was felt across the world. Practical Engineering provides a quick lesson on radio telescopes, a summary of the failure, and some discussion about the engineering lessons learned in the wake of the event. I hope that eventually, they can replace the telescope with an instrument as futuristic and forward-looking as the Arecibo telescope was when first conceived. It was an ambitious and inspiring structure, and we sure will miss it.

“The moon dressed as Saturn” by photographer Francisco Sojuel.

Stephen Hawking thought an asteroid impact posed the greatest threat to life on Earth.

Pic of the Day – 11/1/21

Today is hubby’s and my 18th wedding anniversary!

The earth as seen from Saturn.

This is “Hoba,” the world’s largest intact meteorite, in Namibia.

Jupiter and Ganymede.

Five Unsolved Space Mysteries

Space has been blowing our minds from the beginning. And yet it feels like every question we answer only brings up more questions. From evidence of a parallel universe to the young surface of Venus to everybody’s favorite, Omuamua, here are 5 space mysteries that have not yet fully been solved.

Destin of SmarterEveryDay breaks down how NASA will be testing the next lunar lander.

Earth, Venus, and Jupiter as seen from Mars.

Earth from space.

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