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Pic of the Day – 6/16/17

Jupiter moon Europa, photographed by NASA and JPL’s Galileo Project.

The Milky Way from the Sahara desert by photographer Justin Hartney.

Five Weirdest Moons

The 5 weirdest moons in 5 minutes! These are hands-down the five weirdest, most oddball, mysterious moons in our solar system.

Pic of the Day – 5/4/17

Moon and Saturn occultation captured by Colin Legg Photography on 5-14-2014.

A solar eclipse by photographer Cole Younger.

A seaside skyscape by photographer Jeff Berkes.

A shipwreck against a starry sky by photographer Andreas Athan.

A starry night sky in the desert, by photographer Meshari Aldulaimi.


To endings. This year particularly.

A rarely-photographed green flash, taken at Ocean Beach, in San Diego, California, by Jim Grant.


A rare spiral aurora in Finland.


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