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Five Unsolved Space Mysteries

Space has been blowing our minds from the beginning. And yet it feels like every question we answer only brings up more questions. From evidence of a parallel universe to the young surface of Venus to everybody’s favorite, Omuamua, here are 5 space mysteries that have not yet fully been solved.

Destin of SmarterEveryDay breaks down how NASA will be testing the next lunar lander.

Earth, Venus, and Jupiter as seen from Mars.

Earth from space.

How to Land on the Moon

Or, “How ‘The Flying Bedstead’ Trained us for the Moon Landing.”

An aurora vortex, a rare astronomical phenomenon.

I’ve been there!

A lunar eclipse coinciding with a blue super blood moon on January 31st, 2018, over the San Xavier Mission in Tucson, Arizona, by photographer Gary Clark.

This incredible scene was captured by photographer Mikey Mackinven.

A meteorite falling over Olympic National Park’s Second Beach near La Push, Washington, by photographer Craig Goodwin.

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