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“Fairy Twinkle” in a bluebell wood in Scotland by photographer Miranda Huckle.

Fairy Lake on Vancouver Island, Canada, by photographer Gavin Hardcastle Fototripper.

Fairy Glen Gorge and the river Conwy by photographer Craig McCormick.

Sand Dune Arch and the Milky Way at Arches National Park, Utah, by photographer Manish Mamtani.

An enchanted forest.

Elephants crossing the Okavango Delta in Botswana, by photographer Cory Richards.

Sarek National Park in Sweden, by photographer Karol Nienartowicz.

Elenka Island in Russia’s Lake Baikal, by photographer Anton Petrus.

A sea cove at Yzerfontein, off the west coast of South Africa, by photographer Pieter Russouw.

A “sea wolf” in coastal British Colombia, Canada, by photographer Ian McAllister, Pacific Wild.

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