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A wild pony in the Grayson Highlands State Park, Virginia, by photographer Adam Welch.


The aurora borealis in Alaska by photographer Bejamin.

Winter fog flows over Wasserflue mountain in Northern Switzerland, by photographer Christian Gehrig.

A winter wolf in Finland by photographer Bernt Østhus.

Wistman’s Wood near Dartmoor, Devon, England, by Vuse Photography.

Yellow Mountain (aka Huangshan) in China by photographer Thierry Bornier.

An abandoned ranger station in Forest Park, near Portland, Oregon, by photographer Laurel Hill.

A cougar in Yellowstone captured by a camera trap set by the National Park Service.

An abandoned railway bridge near Taiwan by photographer Miharu Kei.

Yosemite National Park at the base of El Capitan by photographer Andybest Medicals.

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