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An enchanting grotto by photographer Vibenasintonia.

A grizzly bear reigning over the Tongass, Anan Creek, Alaska, by Mark Kelley Photography.

Yellowstone National Park’s Grand Prismatic Spring by photographer Ani Gypps.

A double rainbow at Grand Canyon National Park.

Polar bear mother and cubs in Canada’s Wapusk National Park by photographer Quinn Chan.

Polar bear mother and cub in Wapusk National Park, Canada, by photographer Daisy Gilardini.

A waterfall inside Iceland’s Gljúfrabúi Canyon, by photographer Haukur Snorrason.

Glen Coe, Scotland.

Perfect pool formations at Royal National Park, New South Wales, Australia, by photographer T. Scharke.

Giraffes strolling at the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in Edenville, South Africa, by photographer Hamish Mitchell.

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