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Henri – “Cat Litterature”

Henri, the French cat with existential angst, has another video about his philosophical musings.

Squee alert! Baby fruit bat will steal your heart.

baby bat

Cisco is settling in very well. He got fixed last Thursday, and will go back to get his staples out this Monday. When outside, Gracie really wants to engage with him, but he’s still a bit afraid of her. After only three weeks, we’re actually encouraging the dog to chase the cat! Imagine.

When he’s hanging out on the property with us, we let him off leash, and he’s done just fine. When we go walking, however, very different scenarios may present themselves over which we have little control, including wildlife he wants to chase, predators that would make a nice snack of him, and much larger off-leash dogs racing towards us. I think it’s a nice compromise. He has a little red harness and a long, skinny black leash for walks. Here he is running around our property:

He'd been with Rich for a few minutes, then suddenly realized he was away from Mommy!

He’d been with Rich for a few minutes, then suddenly realized he was away from Mommy!

Close up of above.

Close up of above.

"Don't worry; I'm back."

“Don’t worry; I’m back.”


SO many smells.

Discovered something new: Cisco knows how to play fetch! Well, sort of. We tried throwing a stick, with zero response. But I showed him a tennis ball the other day, and he went bananas. LOVES fetching the ball, but not so good at giving it back. You have to get up and walk away from him — then he’ll drop it. He wants to either play tug-of-war with it, or strangle it to death.

This’ll be a GREAT way to tire him out in the evening.

Last Rites, an incredibly destructive 218-pound combat robot created by engineer Ray Billings, destroys cinderblocks, bowling balls, and other combat robots in super slow motion.

Squee alert! Baby anteater will steal your heart.

baby anteater

Best of the Web

This is a compilation from 187 videos from the web. If there isn’t something here that makes you say, “WOW,” then you are far too jaded. :-)

A volcanic lava flow.

volcanic lava flow

The Badpiper – the world’s only flame-throwing, leather-clad, heavily-tattooed punk rock warrior performing AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” in Fremantle on Sunday, May 19th 2013.

The Baatara Gorge waterfall near Tannourine, Lebanon.

baatara gorge waterfall-tannourine-lebanon

Ladybug Soccer

Uploaded by Stephanie Lippitt, “A ladybug in my dorm room started playing with some sprinkles. Also, yes, I know it’s trying to *eat* the sprinkles, not play with them.”


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