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Big Cats vs. Pumpkins

The good folks at Big Cat Rescue gave their charges Halloween-themed enrichment toys, including pumpkins and gourds of various sizes for them to destroy.

Lightning over Corio Bay in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

corio bay-geelong-victoria-au


The good folks at Big Cat Rescue wanted to see if big cats find an innocent roll of toilet paper as irresistible as housecats do:

Wildcats taking an afternoon snooze.

snoozing wildcats

Hundreds of tiny leatherback turtle hatchlings digging out of the sand and heading out to sea.

Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey!

coffee owl

The Slow Mo Guys went to GE Laboratories to film two of their amazing technologies in slo-mo.

Snow fox kit is coming to steal your heart!

snow fox

FunkyEz1 and Lucky, the squirrel he raised from infancy, enjoy their lively play time together in this video from December 2012. With all this energy, it’s hard to believe that Lucky was close to death when he was rescued six months earlier. “I found him when he was a baby. He was laying on the ground almost death both eyes closed. I waited till dusk to see if his mother would come and take him back but it didn’t happen So I took him home and took care of him.”

Here’s earlier footage of Lucky being hand fed with a syringe:


A clouded leopard cub rests his GINORMOUS paws.

clouded leopard1


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