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The Slow Mo Guys don spiffy silver lab coats to play with molten copper, filming in slo-mo, natch.

Sometimes ideas get too big for Gav’s backyard, so in this video, The Slow Mo Guys go to a quarry to make the biggest and most colorful mess yet.

See-Thru Engine in Slo-Mo

Destin of SmarterEveryDay found these garage wonks called 805 RoadKing who made a transparent engine in their amazing mechanic’s shop. You can visually see the four stages of a 4-cycle engine in slo-mo.

The Slow Mo Guys head back to Gav’s backyard to blow up some footballs. “It’s usually footballs that are doing damage to Dan‘s head. In this episode, Dan gets revenge.”

The Slow Mo Guys are back at Purdue. This time, to stretch a 1.5-inch-thick, no. 11, grade 60, steel rebar until it just can’t anymore. Filmed at 28,000 fps.


The Slow Mo Guys got a hold of a new toy – that comes with a warning that says “THIS IS NOT A TOY.”



Destin of SmarterEveryDay revisits the Prince Rupert’s Drop, this time testing the limits of the ball’s strength by shooting it with a bullet. Hint: it’s so strong, it can shatter a bullet.


Football + Face in Slo-Mo

When the The Slow Mo Guys challenged themselves to a contest to see who could be the first to shoot out a candle flame, they had to decide on a punishment for the loser. Gav got a football to his face, just like in their very first ever video, and this time it’s 1,000 times slower.

OK Go – The One Moment

Keeping with their tradition of intricately timed conceptual videos, OK Go‘s latest, “The One Moment,” took all of 4.2 seconds of filming. Four seconds which were then slowed waaaaay down to fit over four minutes of music. Amazing effort.

The Slow Mo Guys venture out to the desert to film how old-time warplanes shot bullets right through the propeller blades.

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