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The The Slow Mo Guys are back from filming their Super Slow Show in California, and have to make due with Gav’s old backyard again.



Detcord Underwater in Slow Mo

It’s a wet and wild finale of The Super Slow Show, and Dan and Gav, aka The Slow Mo Guys, are tasked with emptying the pool. Nothing 500 feet of spare det cord can’t handle!

Exploding House in Slow Mo

When Gav and Dan, aka The Slow Mo Guys, accidentally lock themselves out of their tiny house, so they open the door the Super Slow Show way—with mind-blowing explosives.

Exploding Sand Castles

The The Slow Mo Guys hit the beach to wreak havoc on some epic sand castles in super slow motion.

Exploding Fruit in 4K

The juice lets loose when Gav and Dan, aka The Slow Mo Guys, detonate an entire fruit cornucopia with the help of the spin rig.

Biking Across Water in Slow Mo

Motocross pro Andy Bell attempts to prove physics in one of the coolest and trickiest motocross stunts—hydroplaning across The Slow Mo Guys’s pool.

Gav and Dan, aka The Slow Mo Guys, use a huge crane to drop a car from 80 feet up in the air—and the results are absolutely smashing!

Gav and Dan recruit the help of stunt driver Kyle Weishaar, as The Slow Mo Guys attempt to shave the top off a moving truck with a simulated bridge overpass– all in amazing 4K slow motion.

Head on Car Crash in Slow Mo

Second time’s the charm for one of The Slow Mo Guys‘ most difficult and crushing experiments yet— a slow motion car crash. Everyone’s going to be rubbernecking this one.

The Late Late Show with James Corden welcomes Gavin Free and Daniel Charles Gruchy, the duo known as The Slow Mo Guys, and the two run James through a series of scenarios slowed down for dramatic effect.

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