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Kevin Durant Walks On Air

The Slow Mo Guys got basketball player Kevin Durant to perform a slam dunk for them, filmed in slo-mo, of course.

Sumo Wrestling in Slo-Mo

Gav and Dan of The Slow Mo Guys invited a pair of champion sumo wrestlers to have at it. And have at Dan, too, natch.

Tesla Coil in Slo-Mo

The Slow Mo Guys wondered what a million volts of electricity looks like up close, so they teamed up with electricity expert, Dr. Megavolt, and his super high voltage Tesla Coil.

Bullet Racing

Gav and Dan of The Slow Mo Guys wanted to find out how wildly the speeds of different caliber bullets varies.

Magnet Smash (Bonus Video)

While I watched yesterday’s video of smashing things between two powerful magnets, all I could wonder was, “How on EARTH do they get those magnets apart again??” Well, asked and answered.

Magnet Smash

The Slow Mo Guys and special guest Mayim Bialik of “The Big Bang Theory” smash some stuff with a pair of super-powerful magnets. Because science!

Gav and Dan of The Slow Mo Guys switch roles, meaning Gav gets to do the stunt this time.

Crashing Through a Wall in Slo-Mo

In their first episode of The Super Slow Show, Gav and Dan of The Slow Mo Guys try out a classic Hollywood stunt.

The Super Slow Show!

Gav and Dan of The Slow Mo Guys have been confined to Gav’s backyard for too long. They took their cameras to Los Angeles, rented a canyon, bought new lab coats, and will be having at it, Big Time in Slo-Mo, with 48 new videos over the next 12 weeks.


Sniping a Slow Motion Camera

Destin of SmarterEveryDay teamed up with Gav and Dan of The Slow Mo Guys in yesterday’s post; today we see the other side of the collaboration:

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