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Gav of The Slow Mo Guys shows the impressive internals of an old 16mm motion picture camera by filming it in some lovely crisp 4K slow motion at 1000fps.

Gav of The Slow Mo Guys films an ultrasonic homogenizer at a ridiculous rate of slo-mo.

“After about 10 hours of setting mouse traps like an absolute Billy no mates, Gav sets off a nice fat colourful chain reaction that we can all sit down and watch together like a nice big slow mo family.”

Slow Mo Sound is FAKE… Mostly

The sound in slow motion video, above a certain speed, is useless. So Gav of The Slow Mo Guys shows us how he “creates” the sounds that accompany their videos.

Compressed air can be used to levitate rounded objects. Sometimes said rounded objects start spinning so fast that they give up on being round objects. Gav of The Slow Mo Guys films all the action over 1000x times slower than real time.

Destin of SmarterEveryDay sees if there’s anything that’ll stop a 1,000 MPH fastball.

Gav of The Slow Mo Guys shows us the intricate high-speed mechanical workings of a pinball machine.

Pulse Jet Engine in Slow-Mo

The Slow Mo Guys haven’t been able to get together since the pandemic, but they’re still putting out videos!

Filming at 1000fps in Reverse

Gav of The Slow Mo Guys tries to film a cheeky slow mo guys video, but someone has already done it… sort of.

Slo-Mo Molten Thermite in Water

Gav shows the visually amazing moment where 2000° thermite lands in a tank of 20° water. Don’t try this at home!

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