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Destin of SmarterEveryDay teams up with a champion bullwhip artist and some ultra-slow motion cameras and reflective markers to study the physics of what’s happening when cracking a whip breaks the sound barrier.


How Fast Does Glass Crack?

Gav and Dan of the The Slow Mo Guys set their super-fast cameras for absolutely insane frame rates to learn how fast 5 millimeter tempered glass cracks. Three pieces of glass were harmed in the making of this video.

Destin of SmarterEveryDay uses Schlieren imagery to get into the physics of faster-than-sound objects and the shock waves they produce.

Rainbow Jelly Tennis

The Slow Mo Guys revisit an earlier idea only slower and colourful-er. Dan also got way more annoyed than he did the first time. Success all round.

Destin of SmarterEveryDay used Schlieren imagery to get amazing slo-mo footage of shockwaves.

The Slow Mo Guys got hold of the TEENIEST gun EVAR and had more fun firing it than any of those big 50-cals!

Destin of SmarterEveryDay got himself invited to the John Pelham Artillery Competition, where cannon enthusiasts get to play with their expensive toys. Natch, he also got super-slow footage of cannon blasts and shockwaves.


On this episode of The Slow Mo Guys Gav challenges Dan to become one of the world’s first treadmill waiters in exchange for a few Oreo cookies. It’s not an easy job.


Electric Face Puncher in Slow Motion

Gav and Dan, The Slow Mo Guys, got hold of a personal percussive massager. The instructions said “do not use on face”… so of course they used it on each other’s faces.

Destin of SmarterEveryDay caught a sparrow that had gotten in the house, but before he let it fly away, he managed to get the slo-mo camera going.

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