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Gav and Dan decide to have a race between two things that happen instantly to the human eyeball. Both contestants make it to the finish line in one frame of a normal camera, thankfully the high speed cameras are paying attention.

Giant Fly Swatter Machine

Gav and Dan have never been immensely happy with the kind of break a pool cue can provide, so they try something a little more serious. I love the bit at the very end.

Chucking stuff through fans is fun!

Electrical Arcs at 1,750,000 FPS

Gav and Dan team up with Mehdi from @ElectroBOOM to film electrical arcs by cranking this camera to the fastest speed it can possibly go. 1,750,000 frames per second.

In what might be the messiest video they’ve ever made, Gav films Dan take a plunge through a layer of powder paint onto a trampoline causing a very sudden need for a shop vac and a mop.

Gav & Dan use the teeny mini gun to see if they can trigger the firing mechanism on a normal-sized bullet. In slo-mo, of course.

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