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Pic of the Day – 10/7/18

Light streaming through a Gothic cloister.


In this compilation you’ll see hard landings in extreme weather conditions, landing an airplane on water, a plane emergency hard landing in the forest when the engine stalled, landing a plane on the most dangerous airports in the world, and many more spectacular landings:

This 2012 BBC documentary is absolutely fascinating.

First Contact

Stumpy Brown is a Wangkujanka woman who lives at Christmas Creek in the Kimberley, Australia. Stumpy has seen many changes throughout her lifetime but nothing so dramatic, when as a teenager, she saw a white man for the first time.

Pic of the Day – 9/2/18

A shepherd in a wool parka with his lambs in Beysehir, Turkey, by photographer Seyit Konyali.

Destin of Smarter Every Day has a new binaural experience. Wear headphones for the best experience, or at least have stereo speakers.

Molyvos, in Lesvos, Greece.

Animated Adam Conover explains why we revere Paul Revere – and who else we should thank for his famous midnight ride on CollegeHumor‘s Adam Ruins Everything Presents: ReAnimated History.


Animated Adam Ruins Everything from CollegeHumor paints with all the colors of the truth to illustrate the real story of Pocahontas on ReAnimated History:

This isn’t an invitation for you to go home and cut through things to see what they’re made of…

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