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Today we explore the famous Singer Tower, a New York City skyscraper that once defined an era, and has now been completely forgotten. Upon its completion it was the tallest building in the world, surpassing Philadelphia’s city hall which was the previous record holder. The Singer building was one of the world’s most beautiful examples of urban architecture – now it is an example of poor historic preservation.

Seems the rhyming game is much older than most of us think.

Pic of the Day – 12/24/21

Rue du Petit Champlain in Quebec City.

Pic of the Day – 12/19/21

Sons of Navajo Chief Manuelito, 1913, by photographer Roland W. Reed.

Professional pickpocket Lee Thompson looks at 12 pickpocketing scenes from popular TV shows and movies and rates them based on realism. Thompson is a pickpocket magician and a member of the Inner Magic Circle with gold-star status. He’s taken part in Mugler Follies shows in Paris and toured for 18 months, performing 1,700 shows, with Cirque Du Soleil Koozå. He’s performed live on ITV’s “Good Morning Britain” and BBC’s “The One Show,” and he was a consultant pickpocket magician for “Holmes and Watson” (2018). Thompson has worked with the UK police and Revenue and Customs in public-awareness campaigns about pickpocketing.

Delta 747 Crashes into Tug

Boeing 747 pilots misunderstand what to do accidentally crashes into a tug several times while trying to park.

YouTuber Andythehighlander says, “Here I’ll show you how to correctly fold and wear the Scottish plaid, a step by step guide to becoming a real highlander!”

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