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On LastWeekTonight, John Oliver discusses the growing problem of robocalls. If only we could make the FCC care a little bit more about fixing it.


A Texas storm captured by photographer Mike Olbinski.

On this episode of Planet Slo-Mo, Gav and Dan (The Slow Mo Guys) travel to South Korea to film the Kukkiwon Taekwondo Team’s amazing high flying martial arts combined with gymnastic feats in slow motion. Team members can launch themselves 30 feet into the air smashing wooden boards on their way down. Their spectacular flying, flipping, spinning, twisting, gravity-defying theatrics, showcasing the board smashing is a thrilling spectacle in slow mo.

“The Breath of Life,” a piece showing at the 2009 Chicago International Quilt Festival, by photographer Harumi Asada.

Gingers, redheads, carrot tops–there are a lot nicknames for those with red hair, especially considering that red is the rarest human hair color. However, while gingers may be (relatively) few in number, their fiery locks attract outsized attention. Nonetheless, there are some facts about redheads that may still surprise you.

Happy birthday, Rich!

A thunderstorm dominates Big Bend National Park’s Chisos Mountains, by photographer Louis Shackleton.

If you go and look up a photo of a boxer from the 19th century, it’s almost certain that the individual will be standing like the gentlemen pictured right. While it may look a little silly to modern fans of the sport, this was actually a very effective fighting stance for those wishing to win a 19th century boxing match.

“The Great Manor” by photographer Massimo Tomi.

After Sam Watterson ended the best comic strip ever made, he disappeared from public view.

Bengal tigers cavorting in Rajasthan, India, by photographer Souvik Kundu.

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