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Kids Who Were Raised By Animals

For real, not just what your mother always yelled at you.


The Pailon del Diablo Baños (Devil’s Cauldron) in Ecuador, by Michael French Foto.

This time it’s blue.

A painting of the Grand Canyon by artist Aaron Schuerr.

Do the Big Cats Eat Bones?

The good folks at Big Cat Rescue get this FAQ a lot, especially after they posted this video of a  lion eating a whole raw Thanksgiving turkey.

A Palestine Sunbird by the Sea of Galilee, Israel, by photographer Piotr Pabisiak.

Puddles Pity Party recorded this one from a green room while on the road.

A Grand Canyon lightning strike by photographer Rolf Maeder.

Filmed at Kangaroo Point in Brisbane, Australia – 12 Oct 2015

Pangong Lake in Ladakh, India, on the China border with the Himalayas, by photographer Sanjeev Bhor.

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