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Pic of the Day – 2/19/20

A fisherman courier in Dianbai, Guangdong province, China, by photographer Joseph Tam.

History as told by YouTuber Sam O’Nella Academy.

A reflected Milky Way by photographer Meshari Aldulaimi.

British classical pianist Paul Barton lives in Thailand where he uses his talent to soothe the gentle giants at the animal sanctuary, Elephant’s World. Since discovering the sanctuary that’s home to over 30 old, sick, and handicapped elephants, Barton has visited the reserve a number of times to perform for the ailing elephants. Introducing the giants to the likes of Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven, he has been an immense source of comfort and relief for the animals.

Lam Duan is the name of this old blind elephant, and her name means “Tree with Yellow Flowers”. She has been blind most of her life.

Fireflies on Siargao Island, Philippines, by photographer Janos Leo Gorgolon Andanar.

The third and final part in this BBC documentary series about servants in Britain. This episode looks at how World War I and worker organisation empowered servants to demand dignity and improved working conditions from the owning classes.

Ballerina Reina Trifunovic is featured in photographer Jordan Matter’s series, “Dancers After Dark.”

How could a body of water as big as the Mediterranean just…disappear? It would take decades and more than 1,000 research studies to even start to figure out the cause — or causes — of one of the greatest vanishing acts in Earth’s history.

Fireflies in the forest near Ninohe, Iwate Prefecture, Japan, by photographer Takashi Zenihiro.

This part of the story looks at how servants began to organize against the class system. Although the documentary is dispelling the romantic view of servitude offered by some popular television series it does feel as though it may be tip toeing around the title topic of ‘Class War’. For example, one might think the publishing of Das Kapital in English in 1887 might have been worth a mention. It is great though at presenting a view of female class struggle, a topic which too often goes without attention.

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