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Cuenca, Equador.

I always wondered what these big cabs look like on the inside.

If you live in Mumbai, don’t feel like you need to pack a lunch.

Lost in the Pond has talked about the different foods between Britain and America, not to mention the words we use to describe them. But what about the etiquette both countries employ at the dinner table?

Depending on which country you’re living in, bedrooms around the world can look like quite different. As someone who has lived extensively in Britain and America, this is most certainly true of both places. Here are five ways British and American bedrooms are very different:

Pic of the Day – 10/23/20

A monk at Bagan, Myanmar, by photographer Nuttawut Jaroenchai.

A Kazakh nomadic herder with golden eagle in western Mongolia, photographed by Steve Morrison.

A Kazakh eagle hunter in Mongolia, photographed by Dominique Mills.

Shot in 1902, “The Flying Train” takes viewers on an uncommonly crisp journey aboard a suspended railcar. Throughout the two-minute video, riders see Wuppertal residents walking across pedestrian bridges and down dirt roadways more than a century ago. The city is known still today for its schwebebahn, which is a style of hanging railway that’s unique to Germany.

MoMA recently pulled the black-and-white footage from its vault and said that curators originally believed it was shot with 70-millimeter film rather than 68. “Formats like Biograph’s 68mm and Fox’s 70mm Grandeur are of particular interest to researchers visiting the Film Study Center because the large image area affords stunning visual clarity and quality, especially compared to the more standard 35mm or 16mm stock,” a statement notes.

Denis Shiryaev, who also restored this historic film from 1896, produced an updated 4K version that slows down the footage and adds color:

Pic of the Day – 8/9/20

An Incan leading a llama in Peru. Those stones are so tightly fitted, it’s said you can’t even insert a knife blade between them.

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