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YouTuber Sam O’Nella Academy explains why frugality can be taken WAAAAY too far.



Creative Weapons of the Medieval Era

Sam O’Nella Academy talks about trebuchets, Greek fire, and more.

Why it Sucked to be a Pirate

Sam O’Nella Academy explains why Jack Sparrow would have been eaten for breakfast by real pirates.

History’s Worst Non-Water Floods

Sam O’Nella Academy tells of a few epic floods of stuff other than plain water.

This 2012 BBC documentary is absolutely fascinating.

I just finished reading a book, “Acts of Faith,” that takes place in South Sudan. It was very good, especially for aviation wonks.


Tim and I met a fellow playing the reincarnation of Emperor Norton and holding court in front of the Palace Hotel during my last vacation in San Francisco!

Sam O’Nella Academy explains about the original Emperor Norton, who lived in the nineteenth century.

Historical Misconceptions

The Sam O’Nella Academy has some good ones to bring up at your next family dinner!

Animated Adam Conover explains why we revere Paul Revere – and who else we should thank for his famous midnight ride on CollegeHumor‘s Adam Ruins Everything Presents: ReAnimated History.


Animated Adam Ruins Everything from CollegeHumor paints with all the colors of the truth to illustrate the real story of Pocahontas on ReAnimated History:

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