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Caitlin, aka Ask A Mortician, talks with Dr. Kami Fletcher, president of The Collective for Radical Death Studies, to find out the history of black funeral parlors and why they still exist today. “Black people used death to claim humanity.”

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Pic of the Day – 5/3/20

It’s my 50th birthday today!

History as told by YouTuber Sam O’Nella Academy.

The third and final part in this BBC documentary series about servants in Britain. This episode looks at how World War I and worker organisation empowered servants to demand dignity and improved working conditions from the owning classes.

This part of the story looks at how servants began to organize against the class system. Although the documentary is dispelling the romantic view of servitude offered by some popular television series it does feel as though it may be tip toeing around the title topic of ‘Class War’. For example, one might think the publishing of Das Kapital in English in 1887 might have been worth a mention. It is great though at presenting a view of female class struggle, a topic which too often goes without attention.

Servanthood is the blurred line between wage slavery and chattel slavery but in recent years popular costume dramas set in the British colonial period such as “Downton Abbey” and “Poldark” whitewash this for the sake of romanticism. This is the first of three in a 2012 documentary series which looks at what life was like for British servants in that period. Unfortunately what appears as history here is still the reality for millions around the world, including children.

Sam O’Nella Academy tells us about a guy who was successful despite his massive incompetence.


On this episode of CollegeHumor‘s Adam Ruins Everything, Adam ruins Christmas. You’re welcome!

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