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Pic of the Day – 3/28/23

An enchanting Japanese-themed cake.

The life cycle of blackberry.

Watching Julia Child cook is like watching Bob Ross paint. So soothing.

I tried this, and it’s pretty good!

Pic of the Day – 1/19/23

Breakfast at – 45 °C in Novosibirsk, Russia, by photographer Alec Luhn.

Weird History Food is gonna get your palate banned. Food is one of those things that immediately sets one country apart from another, and edible items or practices taken for granted in one country may in fact be banned somewhere else. For example, people eat many strange – and sometimes horrifying – foods in the US, some of which would raise eyebrows in almost any other nation.

How the U.S. Ruined Bread

There is a French bakery in Alpine, where I go down to run errands every week. I make sure to get something every time.

Jon Stewart Hates Deep Dish Pizza

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