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Plus: The Myths of “Super Size Me”

Pic of the Day – 11/29/21

French woman with a baguette and six bottles of wine, Paris, France, 1945.

Pre-colonial glass gem corn, indigenous to North America, re-grown by Cherokee farmer Carl Barnes in Oklahoma.

This is Alex; he’s a friend of mine who lives in Julian.

Pic of the Day – 11/12/21

Bean the cat loves bananas, and his owner takes pics of him going to town on them. They’re hilarious, especially if you have a dirty mind. This is one of the tamer ones.

This is TRIPPY. “Grow Shiitake Mushrooms at Home resulting in 10 Day Time Lapse Video. Using two cameras for different perspectives I took one image every 5 minutes showing how shiitake mushroom starts to grow. After harvesting 500g of mushrooms, the block needs to rest for a while until it gets soaked with water and shiitake will start to grow again.”

A mushroom medley by photographer IG@shroom_momma.

Explore the history & ultimate downfall of McDonaldland and The Disney-McDonald’s Happy Meal, McDonald’s magical world & ad campaign that brought fame and fortune to the iconic fast food franchise. From the origins of Ronald McDonald, the McDonald’s Merchandise craze, the McDonalds Disney partnership and Happy Meal Toys, and how it ultimately came to an end.

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