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A pine bonsai by artist Eduardo Mourão Guedes.

Another pine bonsai by artist Jarek Lenarczyk.

Another pine bonsai, this one with great shaping.

A pine bonsai in the Ishizuki style by artist Rudy Siedlecki.

A grape bonsai in fall by artist Eric Sin.

A pinus sylvestris bonsai by artist Andres Alvarez Iglesias.

A grafted Kishu bonsai on Sierra by artist Eric Schrader.

A flowering Fuji cherry (aka prunus incisa ‘Kojo-no-mai’) bonsai tree.

A flowering Japanese apricot (aka prunus mume) bonsai tree.

This famous bonsai tree is named “Fujin” (God of Wind). Photographed by Juan Andrade.

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