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California poppies near Lake Elsinore during the 2019 “superbloom,” by WingsByWerntz.

California poppies near Borrego Springs during the 2019 “superbloom,” by Les Laubscher Photography.

California poppies near Big Sur by photographer Kodiak Greenwood.

In the village of Inakadate, Japan, elaborate expanses of “rice paddy art” grace the surrounding landscape. Looking for a way to boost tourism and contribute to the village’s rich culture, town officials turned to what they knew best — growing rice. Using dozens of varieties of rice as their color palette, locals gather to plant each new masterpiece, taking inspiration from local geography and Japanese folklore. With each image taking up to three months to complete, it truly takes a village.

Mysterious lakes exist all around the world that will blow your mind. Lets find out about the creepiest mysterious lakes in the world.

Another Canadian lynx.

A white crane in flight.

A buck at sunset by photographer Diego Stevenson.

Bird whisperer and animal rescuer A Chick Called Albert knew the swan’s eggs would not survive the winter cold.

Poetically known as Baikal Zen Rocks, this rare effect happens when a flat rock that has fallen onto the ice catches the spring sun and melts the ice underneath it. Only a thin pedestal supporting the rock remains. The pedestal is far enough from the sides of the rock that it escapes melting. At night, the water beneath the rock refreezes. Photos by Colin Monteath.


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