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Wistman’s Wood near Dartmoor, Devon, England, by Vuse Photography.


Merry Christmas, everyone!

An African golden weaver in Rift Valley, Kenya, by photographer Ken Dyball.

An A-frame cabin built over a creek near Asheville, North Carolina, photographed by Tate Finley.

Pic of the Day – 12/15/18

An acer palmatum (maple) bonsai with autumn leaves by artist Katsunori Tsuzuki.

The Xcaret Riviera, Maya, Mexico.

An acer (maple) mame bonsai.

An acca sellowiana bonsai paired with a cuphea hyssopifolia accent bonsai by artist Germán Gámbaro.

Yellow Mountain (aka Huangshan) in China by photographer Thierry Bornier.

An abandoned ranger station in Forest Park, near Portland, Oregon, by photographer Laurel Hill.

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