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A Cape Robin-chat (aka Cossypha caffra) strutting its stuff in South Africa, photographed by Ajay Bhoopchand. He’s doing the “kung fu kid” stance!

Bird whisperer and animal rescuer A Chick Called Albert knew just what to do when a bird hit his window. “I ran outside, a young blackbird had just hit my window. I wasn’t sure if she was going to make it. Here’s what you should you do in case you find a bird like this.”

Bird whisperer and all-around animal rescuer A Chick Called Albert finds a way to save a chick with a deformed beak.

A perfectly camouflaged Willow Ptarmigan (aka Lagopus lagopus) in Alaska, by photographer Anthony Madden.

“Talking Raven” by photographer Deidre Lantz.

“This parrot loves to lie on my hands and tumble. So cute!”

A bluebird straddling a pair of purple flowers.

A blue winged macaw, photographed by Trudy Walden.


A group of bee-eaters (aka Merops pusillus) in South Africa by photographer Dustin van Helsdingen.

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