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Baby Bobcats Meet-Up

The good folks at Big Cat Rescue introduced Nabisco to Mrs. Claws. Watch and see if these two young bobcats will make purrfect companions.

Only in Russia. On a brisk wintry day, a clever moose decided to use a warming car’s exhaust to get a face-full of warm air. The best part is the car’s owner, who keeps scraping his windshield like badass.

A sleeping fox in the forest.


Red foxes sleeping in a hollow log.


A deer checks out the falling leaves under a tree by photographer Max Ellis.


A sleeping leopard at a Bali safari park photographed by Jarrad Norman Parker.


A deer at the Espace Rambouillet wildlife reserve in France by photographer Nicolas le Boulanger.


Pic of the Day – 2/12/17

A passed-out tiger cub.


A deer in a dried sunflower field near Minot, North Dakota, by photographer Jeremy Baker.


A deer at dawn in London’s Richmond Park by photographer Szymon Bakota.


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