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Giraffe Rescue

National Geographic captured a harrowing rescue when a giraffe was discovered with metal wire dangerously wrapped around its neck in Mikembo Sanctuary, Democratic Republic of the Congo. A team of rescuers banded together to tranquilize and capture the large animal, and remove the wire.


A hummingbird in her nest.

Gloria Swanson Hummingbird is ready for her closeup.

A hummingbird (?) on a flower by photographer Johnson Chua.

A hummingbird in the rain.

Another northern flicker, this one in Hulls Wood, Bow River, Fish Creek Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada, by photographer P. Vaudry.

A northern flicker is captured by photographer Paul Nicklen’s camera trap in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada.

Northern saw-whet owl chicks by photographer Marcel Holyoak.

Can you see the hidden lion?

Nope, it’s not mine, either.

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