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A fire-tailed Myzornis (aka Myzornis pyrrhoura) in India by photographer Mitash Biswas.

Raptor vs. Drone

A fiery-throated hummingbird by photographer Jess Findlay.

A female Masked Trogon (aka Trogon personatus) in Ecuador by Dušan Brinkhuizen of Rockjumper-Worldwide Birding Adventures.

Ravens by Jan Blanca Photography.

A female bison crusted with hoarfrost by photographer Tom Murphy.

Ringtail lemurs at a bowl of fruit.

A fairy wren (aka splendid blue wren) by photographer Travis Bester.

A European turtle dove (aka Streptopelia turtur) by photographer Bass23.

Spring bunnies by photographer Porsupah Ree.

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