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Another humpback whale and calf off the Revillagigedo Islands, Mexico, by photographer Anuar Patjane Floriuk.


A humpback whale mother and calf by photographer Lyle Krannichfeld.

A hummingbird in Costa Rica.

An ocelot in the Manú National Park, Peru, by photographer Charlie Hamilton James.

A hummingbird in the Manuel Antonio Rainforest, Costa Rica, by photographer Barbara Seiberl-Stark.

A hummingbird sharing a fountain with some bees.

A Hudson Bay wolf howling at the Wolfcenter Sanctuary in Bremen, Germany, by photographer Alejandra Gimeno.

An octopus fleeing an eel off the coast of Maui, by photographer Ian Nelson.

A group of orange Garibaldi off the California coast, by photographer Adam Martin. Whenever I went diving off Catalina island, I’d bring along a baggie of dog kibble to feed the Garibaldis. They love the stuff.

An orca pod in the wild, as they should be.

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