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Simon’s Cat – “Little Box”

“If it fits I sits.” A Chrismassy cat puts this to the test!

Football + Face in Slo-Mo

When the The Slow Mo Guys challenged themselves to a contest to see who could be the first to shoot out a candle flame, they had to decide on a punishment for the loser. Gav got a football to his face, just like in their very first ever video, and this time it’s 1,000 times slower.

With help from his adorable baby daughter, How to Dad creator Jordan Watson of Auckland, New Zealand, demonstrates how to go grocery shopping with a baby.

Simon’s Cat – “Bed Sheets”

A mischievous Simon’s Cat joyfully plays with the bed sheets while his owner tries to make the bed.

YouTuber Adam Jakowenko tricked his Amazon Echo and Google Home devices into an infinite loop of asking each other about calendar events.

Invisible Typewriter

YouTuber MFICPrometheus shared this video of a man, who was traveling with a bunch of his drinking buddies, brilliantly reenacting the great Jerry Lewis’ hilarious “invisible typewriter” scene from the 1963 comedy film Who’s Minding the Store?

Here’s the original scene for comparison:

Princess Rap Battle: Rapunzel vs Anna

Not Safe For Work! (Language)

Putting Out a Candle With a Pistol Shot

The Slow Mo Guys challenge each other to see who can be the first to shoot out a candle flame with an air pistol.

Every Student Pastor Ever

Tyler of Tripp and Tyler shows us every student pastor who’s ever tried to play like he’s so “cool.”

Boyfriend Does My Voiceover

YouTuber Jenna Marbles lets her boyfriend Julien do the voiceover on a makeup tutorial, with hilarious results.

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