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Gav puts Dan in a Dan-sized bubble to film the crazy popping pattern of a bubble at over 2,000 times slower than you can see with your eyeballs.

Stop Making New Oreos!

The perfect cookie exists, we can stop now.

Most people can’t, obviously.

The boys at How Ridiculous have Edison bulbs!

It’s harder than it looks!

The Slo Mo Guys overload some capacitors and film the explosive results at 187,500 fps. That’s 7,500 times slower than you can see with your own eyeballs. Don’t try this at home!

Olympic medalist Nile Wilson and his buddies try to take on this 70-year-old gymnast.

Food Court with John Oliver

Order! Order! Food court is now in session! Watch as the honorable John Oliver presides over the case of British Cuisine v. The World!

Scammer Payback is doing God’s work.

More shenanigans from How Ridiculous!

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