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The Late Late Show with James Corden welcomes Gavin Free and Daniel Charles Gruchy, the duo known as The Slow Mo Guys, and the two run James through a series of scenarios slowed down for dramatic effect.


It’s double trouble when both Dan and Gav, The Slow Mo Guys, attempt to squeeze inside the same giant balloon and film the results. And watch out when Dan tries to pop a giant balloon by jumping on it from 15 feet up.

Prepare for a tornado of color when The Slow Mo Guys combine an airbag, powder paint, and the power of the spin rig.

After his interview with Sunday TODAY‘s Willie Geist, renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson showed off some of the unique items around his desk in his office at the Hayden Planetarium, including his wooden Saturn lamp he made in seventh grade and a very tiny reproduction of The Starry Night. And he even gives Willie a science lesson on planetary scale!

Giant Balloon Pose Off

Dan and Gav, The Slow Mo Guys, partake in a friendly little pose off-from inside a fully inflated giant balloon.

Giant Paint Drill

Drill, baby, drill! The Slow Mo Guys load up their massive drill bits with paint and then let it spin in this hypnotizing 4K footage.

YouTuber JennaMarbles has the most tolerant boyfriend on earth.

360 Degree Fireball

The Slow Mo Guys guys take their love of giant balloons to gnarly new heights when they add a little hydrogen and let ‘er rip!

Card Throwing Speed Test

In this bonus footage, The Slow Mo Guys take on Rick Smith Jr., the world’s fastest card thrower, to see who can throw the fastest.

Catapult Skeet Shoot

What’s better than a slow-mo catapult? A Slow Mo Guys catapult plus Dan’s skeet shooting skills.

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