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Comedian and sports savant Michael Rapaport is giving NFL fans free material to use when it’s time to talk trash on gameday.

CollegeHumor‘s Adam ruins himself.
The Slow Mo Guys think that watching two very fast moving objects smack together at high speeds is very satisfying to watch.
CollegeHumor adds: “There are two options for surviving college: ramen noodles, or a good old fashioned grift.”

The Bellboy: “Conducting”

The great, late Jerry Lewis:

In his first ever online course, legendary insult comic Jabba the Hutt brings his years of comic industry experience to you! Ninety Imperial credits will get you lifetime access.

Adam Ruins Everything tackles health insurance companies.

Snoop Dogg narrates this now-famous video of an iguana outrunning eleventy-million snakes:

British Airways new safety video, created in collaboration with Comic Relief, includes some famous faces you’ll probably recognize. You’ll be able to see it on-board from 1 September 2017. Celebrities are seen auditioning in humorous sketches in front of comedian Asim Chaudhry, as Chabuddy G, for a coveted part in British Airways’ new safety video, while simultaneously demonstrating the safety features and procedures on the aircraft.

Sorry, What’d You Say Again?

CollegeHumor‘s advice: “When you don’t hear what someone said to you, and you’ve already asked them to repeat themselves twice… sometimes the best plan is to just throw yourself into a ravine.”
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