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Baseball vs Football

A classic George Carlin routine.

Playing With Clip-In Bangs

YouTuber JennaMarbles is always trying out new things, but honestly? These things are much better as dog wigs.

History as told by YouTuber Sam O’Nella Academy.

Pic of the Day – 2/13/20

True that!

A young Steve Martin’s stand-up routine from 2/15/1973. He performs for an audience of dogs and later does some card tricks for Johnny Carson.

Peter Sellers channeling Laurence Olivier channeling Richard III channeling The Beatles.

YouTuber JennaMarbles once successfully got her elderly chihuahua Mr. Marbles to sit on a hard floor. Now she tries to get him to stand up on his hind legs.

Since studios seem to be gaga over dark origin stories, why not Sesame Street’s grouchiest resident? Behind the scenes of the sketch:

And the finished product:

Destin of SmarterEveryDay and his buddies built a monster home run batting machine.

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