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The The Slow Mo Guys stress that we should NOT try this at home.

Giving a Boy a Pin-Up Girl Makeover

YouTuber JennaMarbles has THE MOST tolerant boyfriend.

Cat Herders

A clever ad by EDS.

LastWeekTonight‘s John Oliver wades into the Big Sugar industry.

Trying on Dog Halloween Costumes

YouTuber JennaMarbles got her dogs a bunch of fun new outfits!

Toothbrush Halloween Costume

I spent the past 5 weeks dealing with excruciating neck and shoulder pain. It’s finally working its way out, but I totally missed Halloween! So here are the videos I’d planned on sharing (3 in total).

YouTuber JennaMarbles made her own toothbrush costume. Yeah that’s right, what about it?!?

Sometimes the creative process gets hosed.

When YouTuber JennaMarbles recently turned 33, and all she wanted was some home-made, super-obscure, regional, seasonal thimbleberry (wild black raspberry) ice cream.

Meme Reviews

Every so often, JennaMarbles shares a few of the hilarious memes her fans create in her honor.

Jillian Chizz (Christina Applegate) helps dance students (Taran Killam, Kenan Thompson, Nasim Pedrad, Bobby Moyihan) channel their inner Bob Fosse by doing donks, ka-konks and zuh-zaz’s.

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