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Why? Because science!

A pair of black-swans find themselves surrounded by koi fish. “You came to the wrong neighborhood, pal!”

Miss America Pageant

On LastWeekTonight, John Oliver discusses the Miss America Pageant…how is this still a thing? They claim to give more scholarships to women than any other organization, and, unfortunately, they’re right.

Kicked by a Taekwondo Expert

Earlier on the Planet Slo-Mo Show, the The Slow Mo Guys,Gav and Dan, filmed a group of taekwondo experts in action. Now they learn what is required of someone on the Kukkiwon Taekwondo.



I love this Bob’s Big Boy / Elvis mashup!

After Sam Watterson ended the best comic strip ever made, he disappeared from public view.

“Gah! Fuckin’ kangaroos.”

Makeup tutorial YouTuber James Charles says, “I finally glammed one of my favorite YouTubers of all time, Jenna Marbles. She’s one of the OG’s and has been making videos for almost 10 years now, enjoy as we talk about YouTube, going viral, finding me a boyfriend, and her ratchet beauty salon!!”

On this epiusode of Planet Slo-Mo, The Slow Mo Guys break down how lightning works while continuously shocking Dan at 28,000 frames per second with a Van de Graaff Machine.

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