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My favorite magicians, Penn & Teller, have a new TV show where magicians do their best to fool the masters of illusion. Penn talks in “code” to the magicians afterwards, letting them know whether or not the duo has figured out how the magician did his trick without giving away the secret.


Jenna Bought a House!

YouTuber JennaMarbles and her boyfriend Julien bought a new house!


Yet another hilarious ad from the folks at Purple Mattresses.

Another hilarious ad from the folks at Purple brand mattresses.

Okay, this is one of the cleverest, funniest ads I’ve seen in a long while. Don’t miss the Sasquatch’s conspiracy theories, LOL! And there are more of them, too!

The The Slow Mo Guys are back from filming their Super Slow Show in California, and have to make due with Gav’s old backyard again.


Historical Misconceptions

The Sam O’Nella Academy has some good ones to bring up at your next family dinner!

There’s a new use for those stale Easter marshmallows you have lying around – calculating a constant that governs the universe.

Detcord Underwater in Slow Mo

It’s a wet and wild finale of The Super Slow Show, and Dan and Gav, aka The Slow Mo Guys, are tasked with emptying the pool. Nothing 500 feet of spare det cord can’t handle!

Bootleg Fireworks Gone Wrong

A reminder to not play with bootleg fireworks, kids! With awesome subtitles. Sound required. NSFW because swearing.

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