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Gav puts Dan in a Dan-sized bubble to film the crazy popping pattern of a bubble at over 2,000 times slower than you can see with your eyeballs.

The Physics of Curling

Destin of Smarter Every Day gets into the physics of curling.

The boys at How Ridiculous have Edison bulbs!

More shenanigans from How Ridiculous!

Breaking Mirrors!

The lads at How Ridiculous are going to be up for MANY years of bad luck!

Giant Hammer vs. Glass Cube!

Smashy smashy!

More fun with supersonic baseballs!

Why Retaining Walls Collapse

Look around and you’ll see retaining walls everywhere holding back slopes so we all have a little more space in our constructed environments. They might just look like a pretty concrete face on the outside, but now you know the important job they do and some of the engineering that makes it possible.

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