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Kevin Durant Walks On Air

The Slow Mo Guys got basketball player Kevin Durant to perform a slam dunk for them, filmed in slo-mo, of course.

Sumo Wrestling in Slo-Mo

Gav and Dan of The Slow Mo Guys invited a pair of champion sumo wrestlers to have at it. And have at Dan, too, natch.

I recently read The Devil Wears Prada, so I was curious about Anna Wintour, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue magazine, who is widely thought to be the driving inspiration for the “Devil” character, the impossibly thin, icy, imperious, intimidating, thoughtless, and hard-driving head of a fashion magazine. Turns out Anna Wintour has a really great sense of humor about her terrifying reputation. This bit with pudgy comic Amy Schumer and Anna swapping lives for a day was a delight.


Remember American Top 40 Countdown host Casey Kasem? As he was dying from Parkinson’s disease, his wife, Jean Thompson (best known for playing the blond bimbo trophy wife of Carla Tortelli’s worthless ex-husband Nick on “Cheers”) refused to let his own children see him, even after he had passed, and there was a very public scene where she was standing on the front lawn of their home, flinging raw hamburger meat at reporters camped outside.

The burning question here is, how has no one made a song about this yet? My high-school friend Erik Bell said, “I can’t believe no one has written a song about the time Casey Kasem was dying and his family was fighting over his body and his crazy bimbo wife was on the front lawn hurling raw hamburger meat at the paramedics. So it was time to step up. Not all heroes wear capes. Some of them play guitar in the garage late at night.”


Dancing with Liza

YouTuber Liza Koshy gets her booty down. Get up and dance with her!

Tesla Coil in Slo-Mo

The Slow Mo Guys wondered what a million volts of electricity looks like up close, so they teamed up with electricity expert, Dr. Megavolt, and his super high voltage Tesla Coil.

Glengarry Glen Ross Parodies

Alec Baldwin’s iconic speech in Glengarry Glen Ross is one of film’s most memorable scenes. Of course, there have been numerous parodies:

Winter’s Breath (Alec Baldwin) is an elf sent by Santa to motivate elves (Rachel Dratch, Amy Poehler, Seth Meyers) building toys for Christmas, reminding them to Always Be Cobbling:

The multi-talented Liam Kyle Sullivan plays ALL the roles of a hapless YouTuber’s family:

And finally, How to Sell Girl Scout Cookies (Kool-Aid is for closers):

Bullet Racing

Gav and Dan of The Slow Mo Guys wanted to find out how wildly the speeds of different caliber bullets varies.

Magnet Smash (Bonus Video)

While I watched yesterday’s video of smashing things between two powerful magnets, all I could wonder was, “How on EARTH do they get those magnets apart again??” Well, asked and answered.

Magnet Smash

The Slow Mo Guys and special guest Mayim Bialik of “The Big Bang Theory” smash some stuff with a pair of super-powerful magnets. Because science!
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