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Fun AND appropriate! (Sorry, I do strive to make this blog a politics-free zone, but you’ll have to make an exception for me just for today.)

The lads at How Ridiculous got their hands on a huge disco ball and arrive at the drop center early to get some night shots, before destroying it.

With the help of viewers at home, John tries to get to the bottom of an important mystery.

A friendly PSA from comedian Chris Rock.

The late and greatly missed Stan Lee was known for his creativity, his kindness, and his incredible moral compass. He was also known for speaking his mind. Lee’s former sound engineer Aaron Fromm captured the very essence of Lee in a recording that showcases the Marvel legend going off on a hilariously profane rant that had everyone in the studio laughing. Fromm collaborated with artist Kosperry to animate this oddly heartwarming glimpse into the man’s great mind, calling it “Sessions with Stan.”

Musical and comedic genius Bill Bailey shows us why Death Metal works in the German accent but NOT in the Welsh or West Country accent.

Richard Ayoade Being Epic

For fans of the britcom, “The IT Crowd,” here’s a bunch of clips of Richard Ayoade (Moss) being nutty.

Comedians Slamming Racists

Cristela, Aida, and Hasan are pros at laughs, but in these stories they also teach some extremely important lessons.

Compressed air can be used to levitate rounded objects. Sometimes said rounded objects start spinning so fast that they give up on being round objects. Gav of The Slow Mo Guys films all the action over 1000x times slower than real time.

Jerry Reed with Fred Scenes

Who remembers “Smokey and the Bandit”? I always loved the scenes with Jerry Reed and his Bassett hound, Fred.

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