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Wild horses on stampede in the Iceland highlands by photographer Charlotte Goss.


On BBC Earth Unplugged‘s show “Animals with Cameras,” two bears battle for territory in a forest in northeast Turkey.

The good folks at Big Cat Rescue take in a new charge on Valentine’s Day.

A leaping ibex by Tapovan Creek, India, by photographer Peter McBride.

Dogs Meet a Capybara

JoeJoe The Capybara snorgles with a pair of very chill house dogs.

“Hydrangea Fantasy” by Teuni Stevense.

A humpback whale mother and calf off the coast of Tonga by photographer Fabrice Guerin.

Ball + Pumpkin = Tiger Fun!

The good people at Big Cat Rescue let Andy the tiger have a splash of a good time with his pumpkin and big red ball!

A hummingbird nest with eggs inside.

Giraffe Rescue

National Geographic captured a harrowing rescue when a giraffe was discovered with metal wire dangerously wrapped around its neck in Mikembo Sanctuary, Democratic Republic of the Congo. A team of rescuers banded together to tranquilize and capture the large animal, and remove the wire.

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