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Bird whisperer A Chick Called Albert got a call about a fallen nest, and found two teeny eggs. One was alive, and damned if he didn’t figure out how to save it.


Happy tortoise!

A green iguana swimming in the Bonaire Caves, Dutch Caribbean, by photographer Lorenzo Mittiga.

Villagers rescued a 440-pound Mekong giant catfish displaced by flooding in Thailand.

An Orange Tip butterfly on Ragged Robin, by photographer Simon Roy.

A green and black nudibranch devours a tunicate, by photographer Tim Laman.

Orcas feeding near Andfjorden, Norway, by photographer Paul Nicklen.

Another great grey owl, this one in Oulu, Finland, by photographer Sven Zacek.

A great grey owl in Yellowstone’s Lamar Valley, by photographer Henrik Nilsson.

A gray langur in Anand Guarat, India, by photographer Hemin Patel.

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