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Poldi the owl with his German shepherd buddy, by photographer Tanja Brandt.

Poldi the owl sitting under a mushroom umbrella, by photographer Tanja Brandt.

Happy Mother’s Day! Photo by Rocco Sette.

A pair of praying mantises by photographer Hasan Baglar.

Giraffes strolling at the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in Edenville, South Africa, by photographer Hamish Mitchell.

A giraffe at Lake Masek, Tanzania, by photographer Andrew D.

A puffin with a mouthful of fish.

Giant green anemones surround an ocher sea star, photographed by Keith Ladzinski.

Puffins near Látrabjarg, Iceland, by photographer Manuel Schulz.

Purple glossy starlings (aka Lamprotornis purpureus) at the Kansas City Zoo in Missouri, photographed by Joel Sartore.

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