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A gecko with a butterfly fascinator by photographer Kutub Uddin.


Galah birds take flight over Australia’s Strzelecki desert, by photographer Christian Spencer.

YouTuber Life From My Eyes found and rescued a tiny baby squirrel. Later a very relieved Mama returned to retrieve her charge.

A piebald fawn.

BBC Earth Unplugged wonders: a turtle’s shell is an amazing adaptation that sets them apart from all modern reptiles, but how is it formed and what’s inside? (Other than the obvious answer: a turtle.)

A pair of piebald peacocks.

BBC Earth Unplugged runs down some epic animal migrations.

A whole camp of fruit bats!

Another fruit bat.

Destin of SmarterEveryDay feeds a chameleon crickets to unravel (pun intended) the mechanics of its tongue. Bon appetit!

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