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Rutting stags face off in London’s Richmond Park, by photographer Bartek Olszewski.

MOAR capybaras enjoying their hot showers and soaks.


Some capybaras hit the hot tubs at Saitama Children’s Zoo in Japan. When it’s winter in Japan, these capybaras keep warm by being treated to the luxury of an open air hot tub!

Guess who wins? How fast can a Gyrfalcon, the fastest level flying bird in the world, fly when chasing a juicy morsel in a car?

A pair of sailfish test a tight ball of sardines for vulnerabilities off the coast of Isla Mujeres in the Gulf of Mexico, by photographer Fabrice Guerin.

A sally lightfoot crab rides his iguana steed in Punta Espinoza, one of the Fernandina Islands in the Galapagos, by photographer Nancy Leigh.

A fox with her kit.

SQUEE ALERT! Six-week-old orphaned fruit bat Asha tastes fruit for the very first time – bites of juicy pear. She heartily approves.


This beauty is a Saturniidae moth caterpillar. Looks like it’s ready for Carnival!

A herd of elk emerging from the fog.

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