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Big Cat Rescue‘s four tigers rescued last winter from Colorado (Priya, Gabrielle, Andy, and Seth) are experiencing their first hot summer in Florida. Watch as they get refreshing showers from the hose.



This a quokka, a marsupial from Australia, and one of earth’s cutest creatures.


A rainbow grasshopper, aka dactylotum variegatum, found in the Western Great Plains and Southern Canada.

A flamingo at the Birmingham Zoo in Alabama, by photographer Tylee Parvin.

Red-crowned cranes near Tsurui, Hokkaido, Japan, by photographer Mitsuhiko Kamada.

Who remembers “Flashdance”?

A red fox in Gran Paradiso National Park, Italy, by photographer Stefano Unterthiner.

SQUEE ALERT! Red panda cubs playing in the snow.

Fireflies in the Sele valley of southern Italy, photographed by Massimo Gugliucciello.

A Reinwardt’s tree frog greeting and riding a rhinoceros beetle. Photographed by Hendy Mp.

“Yee haw! Ride ’em, cowboy!”

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