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Inside The Navy’s Indoor Ocean

The US Navy’s Naval Surface Warfare Center has an indoor ocean that can simulate any wave in the world.

Some believe wars of the future will be fought over clean water, not oil, and the future of clean drinkable water is anything but certain. But we have a technology that can save us, desalination, and it’s been around for decades. But there might be a new and upcoming technology that can change the scale at which we desalinate water.

Wet Sleddale reservoir near the village of Shap in Cumbria, UK, by photographer Andrew McCaren.

©Andrew McCaren

YouTuber Caitlin Doughty – Ask A Mortician tells us about the St. Francis Dam failure of 1928.

In this adorable Stella Artois ad, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jeff Bridges reprise their most iconic roles to promote the company’s #PourItForward campaign. In partnership with water.org, Stella Artois has helped provide clean water access for 1.7 million people in need. Learn more at https://www.stellaartois.com/DoGood.

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