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We had a couple of days of August-like heat a few days ago. The afternoon is the worst. We had the fans going full blast, and I helped Cisco cool down by draping a damp dish towel over him. He seemed to appreciate it: ???????????????????????????????

But it did make him look like the doggy version of Yasser Arafat:

Totally looks like...

Totally looks like…

EVERY day should be “Bring Your Dog To Work Day.” ???????????????????????????????

Finally, made our last foray to Tecate until summer’s over. Spotted this mariscos shop with some unusual signage painted on the window.

Oh no! Poor Shamu!

Oh noes! Poor Shamu!

I’m going to go ahead and assume they don’t really have orca on the menu.

So, the other day I was doing a Google Image search for vintage Banana Republic images for a recent post about vintage Banana Republic stuff. A picture of me in the Banana Republic wool cape came up that had been part of a blog post I did about some old pictures I’d digitized. Included in the same post was an old photo of my mom, and because Google thought it might be related to Banana Republic somehow, it came up in the image search:

mom-sofia loren

None of that is very surprising. Here’s the really cool part: in the bottom right corner of the window are seven other “related” images. We’ve all seen them. Just do any Google image search and then click on any image. But all of these “visually similar” images that Google thinks look like my mom are of FREAKIN’ SOPHIA LOREN!!! Hot damn, she is gonna SO pleased as punch when she sees this screen shot I grabbed:

mom-sofia loren2


OMG Once I Saw It…

Once I noticed this, I had to make an entry on TotallyLooksLike.com:

Remember that show “Pinky and The Brain”?  Well, so does my co-worker Katelyn.  We got this flyer from some other firm crowing about their two new partners.  The two of them look exactly how Pinky and the Brain would look if they were human.  She sent this as a submission to totallylookslike.com.

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