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YouTuber Sam O’Nella Academy why thorium is the BOMB – not literally, of course. You can’t even weaponize the stuff, which is why we started using uranium and plutonium in the first place.

Alex Pasternack of Motherboard.tv produced a documentary with Hugo Perez about the thorium movement. He says:

“The disaster at Fukushima drew attention once again to the perils of nuclear energy, and raised important questions about how its technology came to be. The Thorium Dream explores the passionate Internet-based movement in the United States behind an alternative nuclear fuel, thorium, and a supposedly safer, smaller reactor design that was born at the start of the atomic age and then forgotten. Its proponents say the technology could forever end our energy and resource problems, while solving the safety, proliferation and waste issues, and they’re determined to bring it to the U.S. before other countries do — or before other forces manage to keep the idea stuck in the bin of fringe curiosities.”

You can view the half-hour-long documentary here.

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