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Professional pianist and Steinway Artist Daniel Beliavsky and his student Charlotte Bennett agreed to perform while hooked up to an eye-tracking device that superimposes the wearer’s eye movements. The sight-reading exercise yields interesting results. They do some comparative statistical analysis at the end, and as expected, Daniel does not look at the keys as much as his student Charlotte, and he keeps his eyes in a narrower area of the piano keys when he does look.


Poor Spicy learned the hard way.

Alexa and the CIA

~says in overly loud voice~

“I, for one, EMBRACE our Google Overlords!”

Aboriginal Australian mechanics fix a wrecked Hyundai with some bush meat, axes, a doll’s head, and a baby stroller.

YouTuber Adam Jakowenko tricked his Amazon Echo and Google Home devices into an infinite loop of asking each other about calendar events.


The recently-launched Waterjet Channel has been cutting all kinds of stuff with their high-power device, like an SLR camera, a giant rubber band ball, and these giant jawbreakers:

In this clever ad by IKEA, we imagine what foodies might have done before technology came along.

Put Your Dongle Away

Tripp and Tyler get into some tech-talk double entendre.

Robot Badminton Challenge

A Chinese robot challenges human players in badminton:

Giant Robot Project

J Mantzel documents the five years he spent building a giant spider robot from scratch, while descending into mild madness and general hair loss.

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