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Destin of SmarterEveryDay shows us the second half of his experience visiting a US nuclear submarine under the arctic ice. The Pentagon had to review the film first.

Gav of The Slow Mo Guys goes for a swim and shows off the interesting method in which the Apple Watch ejects water.

LastWeekTonight‘s John Oliver takes a look at facial recognition technology, how it’s used by private companies and law enforcement, and why it can be dangerous.

Gav and Dan (aka The Slow Mo Guys) make a video that is likely to absolutely annihilate modern video compression. In order to give you a fighting chance, this video is uploaded in 8K (4320p50) to increase the available bitrate. Don’t watch if you are prone to seizures from flashing!

The Aussie boys at How Ridiculous are still having fun with their giant trampoline designed by former NASA scientist Mark Rober.

World’s Strongest Trampoline

YouTuber and former NASA scientist Mark Rober teamed up with Australian YouTubers How Ridiculous and spent 6 months designing and building a monster trampoline using Teflon and garage-door springs, and then proceed to drop all manner of very heavy and/or large objects onto it from a height of 150 feet, including an entire car.

To see the boat and the things the Aussies dropped, watch their sister video here:

How Rockets Are Made

Destin of SmarterEveryDay takes a tour of the rocket factory at United Launch Alliance:

Ever wondered what goes into bringing Rammstein’s legendary stage show to life? Now you can get a glimpse into the incredible amount of work that goes into setting up each and every one of their stadium shows — which involve hundreds of workers, more semi trucks than you can count and takes over 60 hours — via this time-lapse video the band has put out to promote their upcoming touring. Given, the prep of simply covering the grass, presumably done by the stadium’s own staff, took an entire day… but still, the scale of these shows and the work that goes into putting on every single one is just mind-boggling.

The Lumière Brothers’ 1895 short “Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat” is one of the most famous film clips in history — you’ve almost certainly seen the 50-second movie at some point in your life. Here’s the original:

YouTuber Denis Shiryaev wanted to update the look of the clip, so — with the help of several neural networks — he upscaled the clip to 4K resolution and 60 FPS. The result is something else:

Gav and Dan, The Slow Mo Guys, learn about tranquilizer dart physics using slow mo as a helpful tool. Don’t try this at home unless you have 400lb gorilla running at full clip towards you.

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