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In this clever ad by IKEA, we imagine what foodies might have done before technology came along.


Put Your Dongle Away

Tripp and Tyler get into some tech-talk double entendre.

Robot Badminton Challenge

A Chinese robot challenges human players in badminton:

Giant Robot Project

J Mantzel documents the five years he spent building a giant spider robot from scratch, while descending into mild madness and general hair loss.

Cookie Monster iPhone Ad

Siri helps Cookie Monster time his latest fix.

Team of Six Tiny Robots Pull a Two-Ton Car

A team of six µTug Microrobots weighing a collective 100g work together like ants to pull a 3,900-lb car on polished concrete in a video by the Biomimetics and Dexterous Manipulation Lab at Stanford University. The robots work slowly, but by using an adhesive pad inspired by geckos and a simple winch system they can move objects up to 2,000 times its their own weight.

Saturn, with a crescent Titan in the background, taken by NASA’s Cassini on 8/11/14.


Drone propeller supplier Propsman has shared a drone’s-eye view of an FPV drone race through, around, and over a crowded warehouse. The competing drones make sharp turns around flags, duck quickly through gates, and generally avoid objects in the warehouse as they fight for first place.

If Google Was A Guy (Part 5)

CollegeHumor continues to imagine what it would be like if Google was an actual person. Wait for WebMD at the end.

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