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It’s harder than it looks!

Palos Verdes Swim club pictured in a 1930s postcard. I grew up in Palos Verdes and saw the ruins of the club many times. Since then, it’s been re-built and restored to its former glory.

“You’re never the first person to do anything in hotel.”

Perfect pool formations at Royal National Park, New South Wales, Australia, by photographer T. Scharke.

Teaching Dogs How To Swim

YouTuber JennaMarbles has a new house with a pool, and of course, her semi-retarded dog Kermit fell in. All was fine, he was fished out, but the incident prompted Jenna and Julien to teach all three of their dogs how to swim, just in case.

Kanlaob River Canyon in Cebu, Philippines, by photographer Ninjarod.

A gorgeous pond, photographed by Hemsire Feel Good.

A swimming hole in the Philippines by photographer @thwjc.

A swimming hole in the Philippines by photographer Ninjarod.

I’m going in! Who’s with me?

swimming pool

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