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Every time I see this picture by photographer Aravind Krishnashwarmy come up on our Chromecast Images…

I imagine these captions. So I finally just made my own meme:

Destin of SmarterEveryDay breaks down how the spread of disinformation works.

That’s right, this blog has been continuously running for ten years today.


We started out as a beta tester on Vox, from an invite from my wonderful friend Tim. When Vox died, many of us migrated over to WordPress.

10 lit birthday candles in bright colors with green background

I thank you all for checking in and commenting over the years. We’ve made some wonderful friends through this forum.

10 years

Here’s to another ten!


10 Reasons Why We Hate Facebook

I just got an evite to join Google+, which is supposed to be like Facebook, but less evil. Problem is, nobody’s on it yet.

Also, see the portrait of Jackie Chan on the wall behind them? At the 00:24 second mark, click on the picture. You’ll get an awesome Jackie Chan fight scene!

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