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It’s snowing… on a comet! Actually, this INCREDIBLE animation is a series images from the Rosetta spacecraft, taken from a distance of about 13 km from the comet 67/P Chuyurmov-Gerasimenko, and put into an animation by Twitter user @landru79. As the spacecraft moves around the comet we see the landscape change, but you can also see stars moving in the background, and flakes of ice and dust much closer to the spacecraft flying around! It’s like something from an old movie, *but it’s real*. The first two clips are at fast speed, the next two at medium, and the last two at slow speed, so you can track what’s going on.


Nature’s flocking… such a fleeting sight.



Yikes. Check out the antenna on the SUV!

Whoever created this iceman scene has clearly got as sick and twisted a sense of humor as mine. We have the Aztec ritual-ripping-the-heart-out-of-chest reference, plus (I believe) the snowmen-doing-twisted-horrible-things reference, should be credited to Billl Watterson‘s Calvin and Hobbes.

GOM posted a link to a friend’s site on yesterday’s pic of the day. His friend, in Alaska, had just experienced some “frozen fog.” All the trees were completely covered in white flocking.

This looks similar. The trees are completely frosted, but the tower is mostly dry… Stone can hold a lot of warmth.

Wishing everyone a peaceful and quiet Christmas Eve.

Pic of the Day – 8/10/10

Strong roof to hold all that snow! It'll provide great insulation, but I'd worry about chunks falling off every time I stepped (or climbed) outside.

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Pic of the Day – 7/29/10

This is another photo of that March 2007 snowstorm that was featured in yesterday's pic.  It was taken by a San Diego Union-Tribune photographer.  We are looking east, from Point Loma, with the downtown S.D. skyline in the foreground, and the Cuyamaca mountains, capped with snow, in the background.  From left to right, we have North Peak, Middle Peak, and Cuyamaca (South) Peak.  We live about 2/3rds of the way up North Peak.

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Hundreds Attend Global Warming Protest

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