Yet another accident with a captive orca (killer whale) attacking its trainer. Look at the tiny tank they have him in. I have a big problem with circuses and zoos in general. I have an even bigger problem when it comes to large intelligent mammals, such as elephants and orcas. These magnificent animals range over hundreds of miles, but are kept in enclosures a hundredth of a percent of that. It absolutely breaks my heart.

Bruce Stephens, former director of animal behavior for Sea World in San Diego and now a consultant to marine parks, "Any person who has trained these animals has been thumped, bumped, bruised, bitten and otherwise abused over the course of time," he told The San Diego Union in December 1987. "It happens to everyone." He said that "you have to appreciate the potential for danger" but the record has "really been quite good for orcas – especially when you consider that about 40 people a year are killed in accidents with elephants." Stephens did not mention that many more elephants than orcas are kept in some form of captivity, and more people have close access to elephants because they are land animals. An orca cannot escape its pool and go on the rampage.

I don't like that Sea World hides its greed and commercialism under the veil of "conservation and research". Bullshit. This particular orca had an aggressive history, too. They even said that this orca wasn't usually in the water with trainers, "because of its size and strength. It was primarily used to splash people."

It just makes me sick. I will even go so far as to say that this is the last acceptable form of slavery in America.

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