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Dan Has an Accident

You may have noticed that Dan of The Slow Mo Guys sporting a cast on his left arm. Apparently he made good on a promise he made to Tony Hawk by taking on a halfpipe—with painful results.

Freeline Skates

Freeline skates are like a skateboard, except there are two small independent skateboards, one for each foot. And no, just like a skateboard, they’re not attached to your feet. They are infinitely harder to master than skateboards. Kuma Films recently captured footage in Kyoto, Japan, of incredible 13-year-old skateboarder, Isamu Yamamoto, showing off his fancy footwork and performing tricks on freeline skates.

Downhill skateboard champ Zak Maytum flies down a long slope in the Italian Alps. “We tracked down some squiggles on the map and the road turned out epic. Here’s Zak’s first run, filmed by Justin Rouleau.”

Again, as scary as this looks, at 1:07, 2:34, 3:44, 4:06, 4:26, and 4:40,  you can see that he is in complete and total control.

Downhill skateboard champ Zak Maytum flies down one of the fastest runs in his home state of Colorado “with speeds approaching 70 mph, and rough-ass pavement. Be ready to have your fuckin’ face melted.”

As scary as this looks, at 1:30, 2:10, and 2:23,  you can see that he is in complete and total control.

Kilian Martin: Altered Route

World class skateboarder Kilian Martin tries out some tricks at an abandoned water park. Video directed by skater and filmmaker Brett Novak.

Uncommon skateboarding tricks in super slow motion. Filmed at 1,000 frames per second with a Redlake N3 high speed camera. I have a new appreciation for what those kids do.

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