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The shipwreck of the Alice G in Little Tub Harbour, Canada, by photographer Jerzy Kowalczuk.

A school of mobula rays off the coast of Baja, Mexico, by photographer Eduardo Lopez Negrete.

Sea lions off the Galapagos islands by photographer Sandro Lonardi.

Sharks patrolling the Jardines de la Reina marine preserve off the coast of Cuba, by photographer Anuar Patjane.

The shipwreck of the Tobermory in Canada by photographer R. Eavely.


A submerged park: Green Lake in Tragoss, Austria, becomes 6 to 30 feet deep when the spring snowmelt flows. Photograph by Marc Henauer.


Popular scientist Hashem Al-Ghaili posted a captivating video of divers swimming in the Silfra Fissure in Iceland.

The Taj Mahal cenote leads scuba divers to Bill’s Hole in Mexico’s Yucatan, by photographer Terry Steeley.

taj mahal cenote to bills hole-scuba diving-yucatan-mexico_Terry Steeley

A bluefin tuna feeding, by photographer Brian Skerry.

bluefin-tuna-feeding-brian skerry

Pic of the Day – 3/22/16

Shipwreck in Bali by photographer Benjamin Von Wong.

Benjamin_Von_Wong-bali shipwreck1

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