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On this epiusode of Planet Slo-Mo, The Slow Mo Guys break down how lightning works while continuously shocking Dan at 28,000 frames per second with a Van de Graaff Machine.

How To Make Everything aims to find out!


On this episode of How To Make Everything our host collects some copper ore from an abandoned mine in California and extracts the copper metal out of it through electrowinning.

Gav and Dan of The Slow Mo Guys travel halfway around the world on this episode of Planet SloMo to try their luck in one of the most active places on earth for electrical storms: Singapore during monsoon season.

Are Negative Ions Good For You?

The short answer is yes, but don’t bother with those silly salt lamps or ion-machines. Get to the seashore or a waterfall or even the outdoors in general.

Four Revolutionary Riddles

Not about the war, but in terms of rotation. First, the riddles:

And then Veritasium gives us the answers:

Rocket Saw!

After Destin of SmarterEveryDay and his buddy finished their earlier kickback suppressor video, they had to try attaching a rocket to it, because science. “Sorry, we had to once we thought of it.”

YouTuber Mark Rober says, “I made a huge horn and broke glass with it and explored why horns are shaped the way they are.” Because science!

Destin of SmarterEveryDay visits a friend who’s figured out a way to suppress the kickback of a circular saw.

From YouTuber Mark Rober, “I collected data at the carnival for a full day. Then I used that information to figure out which games are the biggest scams using science to analyze them and show you how to beat them. I also figured out how much the carnival actually pays for the prizes so even if you win, you lose. And then I visited the carnival with my professional baseball playing buddy to dominate all the games. It worked well.”

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